10 Things 2016 Taught Me (and definitely most of us)

10 Things 2016 Taught Me (and definitely most of us)

While most of the people I know are desperately waiting for the New Year to begin, hoping for better things, here I am turning back and looking at all the things that happened this year (2016). Those who are close to me are very well aware of the things that I have been through this year; on the other hand, those who are on my social networking profiles know about the success I have achieved. I am unable to conclude whether this year was a good one or a bad one; honestly, I think every year teaches you different things and before the New Year begins, I usually look back and find out the things I learned in the year that’s about to go forever.


So here’s a list of the top 10 things that 2016 taught me:

  • Only YOU are responsible for your emotions: If you are sad, it’s because you are attracting sadness; if you are angry, it’s because you are attracting anger. Nobody… yes NOBODY… has the GUTS to influence your emotions. It is purely in your hands. The best thing about happiness is that you don’t need a reason to be happy. Go outside, look at the chirpy birds, smile; go for a morning walk, feel the breeze touching your face, feel the peace.2
  • Some decisions need to be taken alone: The toughest decisions need to be taken alone; there comes a time when you need to take the responsibility and be in charge of what you want your life to look like. Trust me; when I wrote my first rom-erotic novel, it was very difficult for me, but I did it and I had to take the decision alone. Continuing with the same genre was, again, my decision.3
  • There is nothing as graceful as solitude: Sometimes, all you need is a few hours alone with your favorite beverage in your hands. This year made me realize I am my best company.4

There are more things 2016 taught me:

  • Bad times are your greatest teachers so thank the struggles: If you are going through a hard time, it’s because the good time is on its way. It’s like finding true love when you are matured enough to understand its importance. For an instance, if you are still single, don’t worry about getting older without having someone to share your time with; get excited about the person who is preparing himself or herself to meet your expectations. I believe it’s never too late for anything.5
  • Rome was REALLY not built in a day: Good things take time. Being impatient is good at times, but not when you call yourself a perfectionist. If something is taking time, it’s because it is important.6
  • Music heals everything… literally everything: No matter how bad the time is, music can make you feel good. When you are sad, listen to the funniest songs you have in your playlist and you would surely feel better.7
  • Everything happens for good… even breakups: Heartbreaks are mandatory to make you realize self-worth, deaths are important so that a whole new generation can take birth, poverty is important so that someone from the slum can be a millionaire and set an example for others.8
  • Friends? What friends! They are just people you know for a few days/weeks/months/years: Nobody has friends because when you need someone, even your best friends leave you or are unable to be there for you. I don’t blame anyone; each individual has his own story. It’s just that 2016 made me realize that no matter how many friends you have, in the end, the only person who stands for and by you is YOU.

I am not done with the list of things 2016 taught me, yet:

  • No matter how much you do, people will always complain: You keep doing for others; they don’t realize it. They never notice the hundred things that you do, but that one thing that you DON’T do is something that pokes them and in return, they keep poking you. So stop overdoing things for others. I kept doing thousands of things for others, totally ignoring my peace, my happiness and even my health, only to get a bunch of complaints thrown at my face. Now, I do only as much as I can.10
  • Crying doesn’t make you weak; it makes you stronger: If you think crying is for the weak, you should see a woman giving birth to a child. She cries, screams, scratches the bed, but gifts a new life to the world. Do you think she’s weak because she cries? Crying is good; in fact, it’s beautiful. If there’s something that hurts you, crying is the only way in which you can release the pain and get back to your normal self. Crying is absolutely normal.11

Instead of cribbing over things 2016 taught me, all I want to say is that I am grateful for the lessons learned. I have smiled, laughed, danced, fallen, stood back on my feet, cried, broken, gathered myself back, fallen ill, improved my health and done so many other things this year; it was surely one of the most important years of my life.

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