7 Characteristics of People who Love BLACK (I’m sure you’d agree with these)

7 Characteristics of People who Love BLACK (I’m sure you’d agree with these)

No doubt a painter’s palette has several shades of several colors, there is this one color which attracts most of the people – black. I know a lot of individuals who prefer wearing black most of the times, if not all the time. In fact, I personally have a strong attraction to this mysterious color and you would notice me wearing it almost all the time, even when I am at home. I have found out that there are a few specific characteristics of people who love black.


After interacting with different people who have a thing for this color, I realized that they are somewhat alike. If you are one of those, who are inclined towards the secrets of this wonderful color, I feel you. I know how it feels when you wrap yourself in the mystery of black; it’s like turning into a whole new being.

Common characteristics of people who love black:

  • They are extremely passionate about things and people that they like: If someone likes black, you better not mess around with him because if he falls in love with you, he is never going to forget you. Those who like black are passionate about everything and everyone that they like. If they like it, it’s theirs.woman_wearing_black_taffeta_dress
  • They have an obsession for power: Most of the people who like black are generally dominated during their childhood; when they grow up, they develop an obsession for power. They are also said to be the best leaders.eyes
  • They know how to keep secrets… theirs as well as yours: If you have a secret, share it with someone whose favorite color is black and it will remain a secret cherished between the two of your forever. This human breed is quite secretive.black tie dress code women

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  • They have been through a dark childhood: While conversing with the ones who like black, I realized they all have been through an ugly childhood. I don’t want to write specific details here, but darker the childhood of an individual, deeper is his love for black.bhairavi-1small
  • They are inclined towards life after death: Those who like black are keen to know about the life after death. You would often find them excited to talk about the things that others fear the most. Their dark mind has bubbling thoughts and perhaps the only time they speak a lot is when you start talking about things like reincarnation, rebirth, death and paranormal stuff.woman-wearing-black-ballgown-and-putting-heels-on
  • They believe in ghosts or spirits: Yep; I personally believe in spirits and most of the black lovers do, too. If you like a girl who is a black lover, make sure you are ready to hear her experiences about the mysteries of the ‘parallel universe.’b612_20160802_171749
  • They have a great interest in poetry and classic literature: You would always find such people reading something. If they are not into reading, much, they would prefer listening to music with lyrics that pierce their soul and take them to another world where they belong.240_f_119561701_njdofgvkbtzucfrm86uwjuonxqavcwop

People fear wearing black; I don’t. If someone doesn’t like what you wear, that’s his problem, not yours. Be proud of your choices; since it is your favorite color, be proud of wearing black.

Do you think the mentioned characteristics of people who love black are correct?

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