7 Pre-Menstrual Symptoms Every Woman Goes Through

7 Pre-Menstrual Symptoms Every Woman Goes Through

What is PMS (pre-menstrual symptoms)?

I think every woman can answer this question for you. Since women are now bold enough to openly confess about their PMS, I think men can answer this question, too. PMS is the abbreviation for Pre-Menstrual Symptoms, in which a woman goes to physical and emotional issues a week prior to her period. Almost every woman goes through it. I will not provide you with any scientific information here, but I believe PMS happen because of all those changes that take place within the woman’s body before her period.

pre-menstrual symptoms

Since I go through severe PMS every month, I thought of sharing the symptoms with:

  • My female readers – so that they know that I can relate to their pain
  • My male readers – so that they treat their ladies right and don’t take PMS lightly

So here is a list of the 7 most irritating pre-menstrual symptoms that almost every woman goes through every month:

pre-menstrual symptoms

  • Cramps in lower abdomen: One moment you think you’re okay and BAM, the very next moment you have these terrible cramps in your lower abdomen. You try your level best to divert your mind from these cramps, but they seem to create waves in your belly.
  • Depression: All those ugly memories hit your mind once again. You think you get an early period because of your ugly thoughts and stress, but the truth is that you get those thoughts because of your period that’s on its way.
  • Terrible mood swings: You are happy, you are sad, you are calm, you are frustrated, you are panicked, you are on top of the world – all these mixed emotions are bound to hit you a few days before your period.

Yep… there are more pre-menstrual symptoms so keep reading!

pre-menstrual symptoms

  • Pain in lower back: If you think lower belly cramps are the only pains that a woman goes through, let’s not forget the pain in the lower back.
  • Breast tenderness/soreness: The breasts become so heavy and tender that you don’t feel like wearing tight clothes and feel uncomfortable all throughout the day. I hear you lady, I know how it feels!
  • Bloating: Even if you eat absolutely nothing at all, there’s the bloating sensation killing you all throughout the day. Yep – the period is coming.
  • Craving for specific food: Eggs? Sandwiches? Pizzas? Nachos? What are the things that you suddenly start craving for a few days before your period? Well, you are not alone; almost every second woman goes through this.

There are ways in which you can manage your pre-menstrual symptoms, if not treat them. I will write another post on it, soon.

So how many of you can actually relate to the above mentioned symptoms?

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