7 Things I Learned from Phoebe Buffay!

Have you always been a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Phoebe Buffay?

Phoebe Buffay Special: If you haven’t seen this popular TV show, you have missed out on something really big and beautiful. Every character in this show has significant importance and you can relate to their stories. Even though the basic plot of the show revolves around the lives of six friends, you fall in love with every character and can very well feel what each one of them is going through.

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No doubt all the characters are special, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing have always been my favorite. Personally, I have learned a lot of things from Phoebe Buffay, even though her character has always been a target for controversies. Nevertheless, she is one of the most popular and adored characters that have always inspired people to live their life just the way they want to.

Read below to know about the top 7 things I learned from Phoebe:

  1. She taught me that the show of life must go on, even if the best characters die or leave your life: Remember David, the scientist guy? He leaves Phoebe Buffay, but her life doesn’t stop; her mother commits suicide, but her life doesn’t stop; her grandmother dies, yet her life doesn’t stop. She portrays a character that’s affected, but not influenced by situations and people.                     Image result for phoebe buffay grandma
  2. What others think about you is their problem, not yours: I love when she runs in the park with Rachel; even though Rachel is embarrassed, Phoebe Buffay isn’t. It doesn’t matter if others like her or not, she continues being herself.Related image
  3. She taught me that it is not necessary for you to make sense of everything all the time:It is okay to be senseless at times because if you try making sense of everything, you lose the fun of life. Phoebe Buffay never loses the essence of her life.Image result for phoebe buffay quotes
  4. She taught me the most important concept of self-love: She always believed in calling herself beautiful, wonderful, kind and sexy. Self-love and gratitude are the two things that Phoebe Buffay teaches.Image result for phoebe buffay i am a cool person
  5. Those who aren’t at least a little weird are simply acting to be wise: Everybody is weird! Your weirdness makes you unique. Phoebe Buffay portrays how necessary it is for you to be weird to be true. Even though the others are equally weird, they never show it as much as Phoebe Buffay does. In fact, she behaves like she is proud of her weirdness.           Related image
  6. Good witches exist and she’s one of ’em: Phoebe Buffay always talks about spells, psychic abilities and talking to dead people. While people always think witches are crazy, Phoebe Buffay portrays something else.Image result for phoebe buffay cauldron
  7. Even if you have been alone in the saddest phase of your life, be there for others: Phoebe Buffay ensures to be there for all her friends, even if they aren’t able to be there for her.Image result for phoebe buffay hug

Well, apart from the above mentioned things, Phoebe Buffay also taught me the cool Smelly Cat song!

Here’s a link that has the best of Phoebe Buffay (Season 1):

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