Affirmations for Success: How to Use the Affirmations you Want to!

What are Affirmations? How to use Affirmations for Success?

Let’s admit it – The Secret is one of the most fascinating books we have ever had on our shelves. It is not only the best selling book, but also an amazing eye-opener for all those who have always been in the negative energy vortex (I shall explain this term in another article, soon). If you have read this book, you surely know about affirmations for success. This book insists on making a journal to write down all the things you are thankful for in your life. The more positive you write, hear, speak and see, the better things happen to you.

affirmations for success

But there’s one problem with us – when something sounds so beautiful, we often show disbelief towards it. I want to confess something here – when I read The Secret for the first time, I was awestruck; yet, I didn’t know whether the concept of Law of Attraction really existed or was it hyped. After doing a lot of research on the concept, I was introduced to affirmations for success. When I began reading the book, I had already published my first novel, Mind Cuffed: Eight Erotic Fantasies UnlockedHowever, I didn’t get the kind of response I was expecting. When I learned about the power of affirmations for success, I thought, “It won’t cost me anything to try it. Nothing is going to happen, anyway.” I searched for a few videos that had affirmations for success and began listening to them over and over again.


Day one – nothing happened.

Day two – nothing happened.

Day three – nothing happened.

Day four – I was bored.

Day five – I read a few more articles on how to use affirmations for success and finally realized that my base was wrong. Right when I started listening to all those wonderful affirmations for success, I thought ‘nothing’ is going to work. Thus, ‘nothing’ worked; ‘nothing’ happened.

I smiled to myself and realized I had to do something to do it correctly. I was challenged by my own belief and that’s exactly what I had to change – my belief. Sitting on the floor, I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply and exhaled, placed my hand on my heart Chakra and murmured, “I believe in the affirmations for success; I believe my life is changing for good now and all will fall into place. I believe these videos and audios that I am listening to are going to bring amazing results to me.” After these words, I wore my earphones and began listening to the same audios.

Wondering about the results, this time?

affirmations for success

Day one – nothing happened.

Day two – I got a letter from a reader, who appreciated my work and said that he wanted to read more from my pen.

Day three – I was offered to be on an inspirational website. You can read the article here (Bhairavi Sharma – Viral Indian Diary)

Day four – I received two more letters from two random readers of my first novel.

Day five – I had a few reviews on Amazon.

Day six – I was motivated to work on my second novel.

Affirmations for success not only boosted my career as a novelist, but also motivated me to pen down another book.

Let me read the question in your mind… what are affirmations?

Affirmations are all those positive words that you use to create a vortex of positive energies around you. Just to give you a hint of what vortex is, it is nothing, but a fluid of energy that you create all around you. If you are a positive person, you create an invisible balloon all around you. When you use affirmations for success, you release positive energy from your body and build a strong energy. This is the energy that dominates the universe to give you what you want. If there is something specific that you are looking for, keep thinking, reading and talking about it and soon, you will align with your highest vibration.

affirmations for success

This is how I imagine the vortex energy to be.

I am sure you are reading all this with a weird expression on your face. Half of you are probably unaware about the things I am writing here. However, if you have read my story on, you know the way I have transformed my life. I was nothing, but an obese depressed girl, who had suicidal thoughts. Forget about affirmations for success, I believed I was going to die at the age of 20. I was insulted, broken, isolated, abandoned by so-called friends, made fun of and terribly heartbroken. However, even though I didn’t know the concept of Law of Attraction, I started meditating and tried to be as positive as I could. Slowly, I motivated myself to make a difference in my life.

Who can Use Affirmations for Success?

Affirmations for success can be used by anyone and everyone. From a three year old girl to a 100 year old man, if there is something that an individual wants, he has to believe in it. Unless he believes in what he wants, he can’t compel the universe to give him what he deserves. Treat the Universe like the God you believe in the most; unless you show you are worth the thing you are asking for, He won’t give it to you. The moment you start believing in yourself and the things you are asking for is the time when He (or The Universe) starts preparing you for it.

How to Use Affirmations for Success?

This is the most common question that I come across from a number of readers.

“Bhairavi, I am all set to use the affirmations for success, but how do I start? I have no idea about it!”

The first thing that I tell them to do is put an immediate pause to the word ‘no.’ Even if you have to answer someone in a negative way, use affirmative statements.

Stop saying that you can’t do it; no matter what, believe in yourself. When you believe in the power you possess, you invite people to believe in you. The day you start gathering people who believe in you (and the moment they start doubling your energy) is the day you grab the attention of the Universe. When Universe listens and watches the flow of your energy, it starts giving you what you want. You start bumping onto people, who can bring you closer to the things you want.

The next thing that you need to do is…

affirmations for success

Make a list of all those videos (or audios) that have affirmations for success. It doesn’t matter if you are glued to your cellphone or laptop screen, chatting with your friends, reading a book or simply meditating, if you have the affirmations for success ringing in your ears, your sub-conscious mind is enhancing your vibration and aligning it with the Universe.

Here’s an amazing idea: If you don’t find affirmations for success relevant to your desires, make an audio clip of your own. You don’t need to visit any recording studio for that. Write down a few affirmations for success and simply record them on your cellphone. Put the audio on REPEAT MODE and keep listening to it over and over again. Since it is in your very own voice, it would be easier for your sub-conscious mind to relate to the words you say.

Last, but not the least, don’t forget to create and maintain a diary of affirmations.


Well, no matter how boring it sounds, your diary becomes a collection of your affirmations for success. When you write all those affirmations for success, you make your brain believe that you can achieve what you really want to.

I Believe…

affirmations for success

* Everyone can get everything what they want. 

* The power of human energy is limitless. No matter what your desire is, you can achieve it by being and staying positive.

* When you are aligned with the Universe, the dreams that you believe in are transformed into your reality.

* If you have the zeal to achieve something and you believe that you will achieve it, the Universe appreciates your efforts and grants your wish.

To sum it all… I would like to share these wonderful words with you that are written in Punjabi language:

Image result for je rab di ho mehar te tenu oh vi mil jave jo tera ho nai sakda


This picture has beautiful lines by Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It means:

“No one can steal what’s written in your destiny; if He blesses you, you are granted with someone who is not even meant to be yours.”

If you believe in something and constantly focus on it, the Universe can bless you with all that you have always been wishing for.






Love and Light.

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