Dear Women – Please STOP Tolerating Domestic Violence Against Women!

Dear Women – Please STOP Tolerating Domestic Violence Against Women!

Have you been tolerating the abusive behavior of your partner? Has your boyfriend slapped you in vengeance? Has your husband ‘raped’ you or had sex with you without your permission? Do you fear the return of your husband every evening? Are you scared to attend calls of your male friends in front of your husband?

domestic violence against women

‘Come out and speak before he chokes your voice forever.’

Do you know who is at fault here?


Yes… YOU!

If a woman does not want to be beaten, nobody has the guts to do so… not even your husband.

domestic violence against women

‘Crying will only melt you. Come out and SPEAK!’

For centuries, women have been stereotyped, molested, raped, child-abused, beaten, forced to burn alive with the burning bodies of their dead husbands (Sati Pratha); I can continue with the list and create a whole new blog about it. Let’s admit it… they started ruling over us because we gave them a chance to do so.

‘But a woman is so weak! What can she do or how can she win against a man?’

If this is the question you ask, I can answer with another question –

domestic violence against women

‘Let’s help our daughters live a better future; have NO TOLERANCE against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.’

“How is it that you nurture the same man in your womb for nine months and push him out into the world to open his eyes and experience humanity?”

Dear ladies,

It is time for us to say NO to domestic violence. The more you bear it, the more it happens and this is all I know. Please, don’t be afraid of where you would go or what you would do without him; if a woman can bear the pain of delivering a baby, she can bear the pain of almost anything and everything to survive in this world… anything but the pain of domestic violence.

‘This poem promotes strength of a woman. Feel free to read and share and don’t forget to FIGHT for your RIGHTS till the end.’

Domestic violence not only includes physical abuse, but also verbal abuse, which can drain your self-respect. Sometimes, men use the power of abuses to degrade you and spit on you. If your husband can degrade you, compare you with other women, abuse you, call you names that even a prostitute would cry on, hurt you and force you to please him and his sexual desires, you have the rights to escape from his trap and start a new life. Let’s not forget that verbal abuses are the first step towards physical abuse.

Now let me ask you something… what are you teaching your daughter? What is your son watching?

That dreadful man is perhaps finding another chance to hit you right now and you are sitting there to be a victim; it makes no sense. Also, if someone has raised his hands on you once, he can do it again… and again… and then all over again.

If your daughter is watching you bear the pain of someone’s belt, shoes or physical strength, she is, perhaps and eventually, going to bear the same in future. Is that what you gave her birth for?

If your son is watching you tolerate that monstrous man’s kicks and punches, then he is probably going to hit his wife too. Is that why a family would give their daughter to your son?

domestic violence against women

‘Raise your voice; let’s come together to eradicate DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.’

I have read a lot of articles on domestic violence and I believe I have read enough; I want to conclude by saying that domestic violence can stop ONLY if all the women come together and raise a voice against it. STOP TOLERATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE; the day your husband raises his hand on you – file a complaint against him; if your husband has trapped you in a room, open the windows and scream out loudly to ask for help; the moment your husband tries hitting you with something, run away to your neighbors or simply run out of your building and call for help. I am sure there are a lot of kind men and women on the roads that would help a woman in need.

Again, I join my hands and request all the women to stop tolerating domestic violence; let’s eradicate the pain from the bodies and eyes of women.

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