Farewell, Dear 2016!

Farewell, Dear 2016!

It is the last day of 2016; what a year it has been!

Bhairavi Sharma


“I published my second novel (The Abyssal Secrets) this year, I suffered a broken heart, I moved in with my parents once again, I made a few new friends only to realize they weren’t worth my time, love, care and affection, I cut off the strings with those I once cared for the most, I was strangled by someone I thought was a well-wisher, I was betrayed by someone I had spent the last penny in my pocket for, I added more than 2000 readers and fans to my list, I became a blogger, I modified my website, I went deeper into myself, I read an amazing book called In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa, I adopted the concept of Law of Attraction, I met new people, I started writing my third novel, I did some charity for the ones in need, I was hospitalized twice, I managed my anger in a way I am proud of, I learned a few new chords and now finally know how to bake cakes at home.”



2016 made me a much stronger woman; it made me so strong that now I can go alone for days, without talking to anyone, I can judge a person without being too judgmental, I can meditate even when there are hundreds of trumpets ringing in my ears and also write even if I have just a few tissue papers and my eyeliner. This year has been a roller-coaster, but instead of focusing on the speed, I am focusing on the scenery I enjoyed.

I am writing this post to thank each one of you, whether I have tagged you or not, whether you are in my list or not, whether you are reading this or not, because you have been a part of my journey of 2016.

To those who made me smile… thank you for the laughter!Bhairavi Sharma

To those who made me cry… thank you for teaching me the meaning of pain!

To those who betrayed me… thank you for showing me the viciousness you possess!

To those who were there… thank you for adding some strength to my backbone!

To those who left… thank you for vacating the space for better people!

To those who bitched… thank you for popularizing me!

To those who said good things about me… thank you for being a true human!

To those who contributed in making my life better… thank you for your love!

To those who tried ruining me… CHEERS TO YOUR FAILURE!

2016, you taught me wonderful things and now I am standing here with my arms spread to welcome 2017 with a lot of excitement in my heart!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and pray that you get everything that you’ve been asking for all these years!

Let the New Year begin!

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