How to Prepare for Divorce (these things are bound to happen to you)

How to Prepare for Divorce (these things are bound to happen to you)

First of all, let me begin by saying that I know how you’re feeling right now. You have finally decided to take this major step in your life and, maybe, by choice. Getting divorced is no good news and there are definitely ways you need to learn to find out how to prepare for divorce, but gone are the days when it shattered women. Almost all the women I know give their 100% to their men and when they still get treated like a dumb doormat, they decide to move on in life and do better things.

Don’t worry – I am not going to make you emotional here by using sympathetic words; I am not that kind. I am sure you have spent days and nights overthinking about this decision and finally decided to raise your first foot outside the door of his house, only to never return to him.


But my beautiful lady, now that you have decided to get divorced, there are a few things that you need to prepare yourself for.


Mentally prepare yourself for the following things if you genuinely want to learn how to prepare for divorce:

Emotional drama of your family: Well, this is something that you need to tolerate for a few days. Your family might blame you, tell you how good he was or how better he was from the other men they know, your brother and his wife might try to convince you to patch up with him, your sister might suggest you to take a break and then return to him, your mother might cry and your father might get upset with you. However, if you have decided to divorce him, don’t turn back. I am sure you know what’s good for you.

Aunties that brag about the tortures they have tolerated and yet did not divorce their husbands (yep; they are proud of it!): Be prepared for another torture – your aunts and your mother’s friends are going to drop in for coffee and ‘grill’ you for your decision. Some of them might even tell you how badly they were beaten by their men, yet they patched up for the sake of their kids. Politely join your hands in front of them and let them know it is time for you to teach good things to your children.

We aren’t finished yet… here are a few more things in the list of how to prepare for divorce:

You are bound to encounter…

Office Romeos: Some of the men at work might start getting close to you. Not that you don’t like the attention, but this sudden attention after your divorce decision explains my concern. For them, you are soon going to be some sort of ‘leftover’ of a man.

Hence, they can always grab a bite… right?

I wish I could relieve my anger by abusing here… but… nevermind.

Shoulders: Ah… these men are dangerous. They are going to be available for you, always and might even lend you their ears so that you can abuse your ex-husband and relieve your stress. If you meet such men, please stop interacting with them for they are far more dangerous than the office Romeos. They have absolutely no interest in your story as it is nothing but ‘bullshit’ for them. They are listening to you to get closer to you.

Men looking for one-night stands: You’re getting divorced… you are not ‘pure’… the sexual urges you have aren’t being fulfilled at the moment and hence… you can always agree for one-night stands; this is exactly what this ‘breed’ thinks.

And the list of how to prepare for divorce continues with…

Sympathies from people you don’t even know (they are terribly sorry for you): You tell someone you are divorced, or getting divorced, and the first thing that you get in return is a long fake sigh. Do we really need that?

Married men trying to get closer to you: Now that I mentioned this… I know a lot of divorced women, who suddenly felt protected and comfortable with married male friends. Not that it was bad, but it turned into a nightmare. The married men suddenly got interested in them and the worst was that they didn’t wish to leave their wives, either. Eh? Do you really wish to be someone’s secret?

Absence of friends you were always there for: Don’t expect anyone to stand by you, not even your best friends. Point explained.

Insecure wives of the married men you’re friends with: Even if some of the married men are nothing but friends to you, their jealous wives won’t like it.

And guess what? Their husbands won’t do anything about it. This happens with all the divorced women I guess so try to be away from such two-faced people, too.

The most important thing in the list of how to prepare for divorce…

Comments that might pinch your soul: Last, but the worst, be prepared to listen to some of the ugliest comments you’ve ever heard. Yes – this society is still the same for women as it was three centuries ago. A divorced woman has to fight hard to get her respect back in the society.

Now that you have come so far… my brave woman… don’t turn back and surrender to someone who kept deceiving you, cheating on you, hurting you, disrespecting you and your family and beating you.

I am sure by now you know how to prepare for divorce and what to expect in your new journey; I wish you good luck.

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