How to Survive a Broken Heart

How to Survive a Broken Heart

‘A broken heart is the strongest one; no one has the power to break it anymore.’

Breakups are bad; they are depressing.  I know because I have been through one. There’s absolutely nothing to hide about it; let’s face and admit it – we all have been through a broken heart at some point of time in life. The question is – how to survive a broken heart? When everything seems shattered and completely dismantled, how do you help your soul gather enough courage to find its way back home to its body?

how to survive a broken heart

I am not sure if these things are going to work for you, but if you have recently been through a breakup (or are dwelling in the same old memories of a long-gone person), then try doing the following things:

Cry out loudly:  Have you really cried your heart out from the time you broke up with him? If you haven’t, I give you a chance to do so. You can go ahead and cry right now; cry as much as you want to, but promise me that this would be the last time you’re crying for him. If you really want to know how to survive a broken heart, you need to cry once and for all.

how to survive a broken heart

Accept the past; the person is gone and is never coming back: Honey, he is gone and is probably never coming back. Even if he does, it’s not happening anytime sooner so it’s better to make yourself stronger by saying he’s never coming back. Accept it and gulp it down like bitter wine.

Find someone you are comfortable in speaking with: If you have friends, consider yourself lucky. When I was going through my bad breakup phase, I couldn’t disclose my problems to anyone because I have always been a secretive person.

Don’t get into the self-blame mode: The breakup has happened; do you really want to blame yourself for it? It’s okay… it’s over. Well… I know it’s not okay and I empathize with you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll tell you to sit there and think about it all the time.

Wait… there is more…

Stop listening to sad songs: For God’s sake… stop listening to all those songs that make you cry; if you think enjoying the pain would make you feel any better, trust me, it would only break you more. If you want to know how to survive a broken heart, you’ve for to switch to better songs.

Don’t rush into another relationship: Most of the people get into another relationship to protect and mend their broken heart. Take your time to settle down before falling for someone else.

Stop stalking him on social networking websites: I know you want to know if he has found someone new or if he is missing you or putting quotes to give you some sort of hints, but if you want to survive this broken heart, you have to STOP stalking him at once.

Look at yourself in the mirror: This might shake you up.

how to survive a broken heart

Meditate and find yourself back: ‘Bhairavi always talks about meditation…’ and yet people don’t listen to me. There is nothing more beautiful than being with yourself and you can do this only when you close your eyes and focus on what’s within you. There are hundreds of benefits of meditation and if you really want to know how to survive a broken heart, you have got to meditate.

I hope this terribly painful period quickly passes for you. If you are going through a broken heart and have absolutely no one to talk to, you can always get in touch with me. I would try my best to be there for you.

If you know someone who needs to know how to survive a broken heart, share this with him or her.

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