How to Understand your Belief System? (understand before you change)

How to Understand your Belief System?

Before you read about how to understand your belief system, it is necessary for you to know the meaning of the term belief system. I have already written a post on this term and would suggest you to go through it before you proceed with this article.

Now that you know about the concept of belief system, you are all set to take another step – how to understand your belief system. I know most of the people might relate this topic to religions, but I am the most non-religious person you would ever meet. You would barely find me commenting on religions because for me, there’s only one God – The Universe. Of course there are a few idols that I worship and when I close my eyes I ensure to imagine them, but that doesn’t make me religious. I would never emphasize on my prayers or brag about being a Hindu; I have readers from different countries and I ensure to respond to every email that I receive, despite the individual’s caste, color, religion, age or gender. For me, humanity is the only religion. This is my belief.

Before you proceed with changing your belief system, it is necessary for you to understand what you believe in. When I meet and interact with people, I understand different beliefs. As I have always said, every person has his own set of beliefs and it is an amazing thing to learn what they believe in. Sometimes, the others understand what you believe in, even if you don’t – yourself.

So how to understand your belief system?

At times, you may say something, but not believe in it. The worst is that you don’t even know if you believe in what you say or not. Nobody is even close to what he is, internally. When we talk to each other, we carry disguises. In fact, we talk and behave differently with different people. Since we act different all the time, it becomes difficult to guess about the core beliefs settled in the sub-conscious mind. It is necessary for you to understand this set of beliefs in order to change, alter, edit or replace them to improve your life.

Here are the top three things that you can do to learn about your core beliefs:

1) Write down every single thought that comes into your mind; don’t judge; just write. Don’t try to pacify yourself by saying you can do something when deep down inside there’s something that says that you can’t. Writing something that you don’t believe in is not what you call a list of affirmations that can boost your manifestation time. So, at first, even if there are a few negative things in your mind, just write them down.

2) If you really want to know how to understand your belief system, you need to hunt your emotions. Again, take a piece of blank paper and write about how you feel when you think about something. For an instance, you want to be a writer. Write down your emotions as you imagine yourself holding a paperback of your finished novel. Do you see yourself as a successful author? Are you scared? Do you BELIEVE that your work deserves to be read?

3) Watch your words as you talk to others; there are times when your sub-conscious mind sends you signals about your beliefs when you are interacting with others. You may meet like-minded or totally opposite people. Keep talking to different individuals especially when you are in the mood to find out how to understand your belief system.

There is one more thing that you can do to interact with your Higher Self and learn about your beliefs – meditate.

I hope this article is of use to you. Do share your list of beliefs if you are comfortable. You can also email me if you want me to cover a specific topic on subjects like meditation and Law of Attraction.

Happy Manifesting!

Love and light.

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