My Weight Loss Journey (with before and after pictures)

My Weight Loss Journey (with before and after pictures)

Finally, here’s the most long awaited article on my weight loss journey. A lot of my friends contacted me and asked me about how I lost so much of weight. The most surprising thing is that I haven’t lost weight just once in life, but thrice. If you were once my classmate (doesn’t matter if we were together in school or college), you surely remember the kind of girl I was. I have no shame in saying I weighed more than 80KGs and that was quite stressing. Since I was a brain epileptic patient, I had gained weight beyond anyone’s imagination. Even though my appetite was pretty normal, I kept gaining weight.

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Oops… yeah that was me!

There came a time when I had absolutely no friends, I was depressed. While most of the people I knew went on dates and fell in love, I was labeled as the fat nerd. Fat because of my weight and nerd because I was one of the most studious students of my batch. My weight loss journey wasn’t easy as I lacked motivation. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. lovers can relate me to FAT Monica for sure!

After my graduation came the day when I stood in front of the mirror and decided to shed off all those fats that made me look ugly. Thanks to one of my mother’s friends, I was introduced to this wonderful dietician, who kept motivating me for weight loss and achieve my target.


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Hope this is motivating enough!


So how did I manage to transform myself from a fatty Monica to a slim one? Here are a few tips that you can use:

  • Warm lemon water (without honey) empty stomach in the morning. Don’t skip this NO MATTER WHAT!
  • 45 minutes of walk after two diet biscuits with half cup of tea. Biscuits are needed before your daily walk as they keep you full till your breakfast time. For weight loss, you need to buy for digestive biscuits.
  • Begin your breakfast with a bowl of watermelon or muskmelon. After fifteen to twenty minutes, you can eat your regular breakfast (avoid deep fried items like smileys, bhajiyas, etc.)
  • Don’t stuff yourself in one go; instead, eat mini-meals.
  • Cravings are bound to happen when your brain knows you’re dieting to lose weight. Munch on almonds, walnuts and other such dry fruits that promise to be good to your health and body; avoid cashew nuts though. Munching is okay for weight loss if you eat the right things.


  • Before you have your evening tea (which should not be more than half cup), eat another fruit. Avoid bananas.
  • Prefer eating your dinner before 8pm if you want to begin your weight loss journey. If you can, do a little bit of stretching exercises an hour before your dinner.
  • Avoid taking elevators; prefer stairs to reach the floor of your office, even if it is the 10th You can always take a break for a few seconds to catch your breath and then climb the stairs again.
  • Do breathing exercises; it allows you to cleanse yourself internally. Such exercises promote weight loss.
  • Meditate and balance all your chakras; there is a connection between your spiritual being and your physical being (I’ll explain this in another post).


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All I can say is that if I can do it, you can do it too. Keep motivating yourself and achieve your target weight; never lose hope and patience.

Good luck!

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