“We Are Not Lovers, but We Are Not Just Friends, Either!”

Are you currently in a situation where you don’t know whether you are his girlfriend or lover or friend or mean at least something to him? Then BEWARE – you are being the victim of this ‘new breed’ of immature boys who want to treat you like their girlfriend, but not make you their girlfriend.

They would want to get close to you, hold hands with you, touch you and maybe even get you in bed. They would do anything to make you do all that they want you to do.

For an instance – they would make sure to call you to know if your health is okay, send you texts late at night in the initial days (or even months, depending upon how stubborn you are to give up and surrender to them) of conversation to lure you and probably even make good coffee to calm you down in your bad days… but trust me – you better drink the poison before drinking the cup of coffee made by their filthy hands because later, you are going to have the taste of their handmade coffee at the tip of your tongue for a long time and no matter what beverage you drink, you would never be able to replace it.

That’s how good they are at their worst selves (if you know what I mean). One day, they would just leave you scarred, without warning (or even teaching) you about the closure that they never give to you. They are cold, very cold.

This new breed is heartless, ruthless, aggressive and probably just looking for being ‘friends with benefits’ with you, but without terming it that way, knowing you are against it. No matter how strong you are, how strict you are, how reserved you are or how much you keep yourself away from ‘love’, they would do anything and everything to grab your attention, probably even talk to their best friends about you so that you feel like they have a serious thing for you. However, in the end, you would be left alone, burning to die. The worst? They won’t be bothered… probably because they have already begun hunting new girls/women.

So what are the common traits of this new breed in town? They would:

  • target women, not girls (mostly women 30 years or above) because they probably have certain fantasies related to women at least three years older to them.
  • target divorced women, single mothers and those going through a tough emotional phase.
  • target the “tougher” women, who aren’t easy to crack; dear tougher ladies – you are like a challenge they would do anything to win!
  • behave like they are reserved, serious and introverts, but in the end, they are just selfish and internally ugly (don’t go on their cute-looks; the charm is all that they use to lure you).
  • behave like they are interested in all the little to big things you do, but all they are attracted to is what you have preserved for so long (your soul, not just your body).
  • try to hold your hands, calm you by touching your hair/cheek/fingers, hug you for a long time or maybe even get into a physical relationship with you – yes, they would do everything they want, but just when they want it. After all – “you are not his girlfriend, are you?”

Trust me, it is NOT okay to fall in love with a boy like this. Even if you guys part ways – you won’t be able to understand whether it is a breakup or did you just end up with a so-called-friend-who-never-took-you-as-a-friend? I mean – what the hell just happened?

Here are a few common statements they SAY to you, if you are their new victim:

  • “I am too scared to love anymore.”
  • “We are just exploring new stuff… nothing else.”
  • “I like you, but I can never fall in love with you.”
  • “Well, this can go on for as long as you like, but this has got to stop when I fall in love with someone else… you know what I mean, right?”
  • “I am too scared of commitment.”
  • “You are too good for me… I can never keep you happy if we get into a relationship.”
  • “Our zodiacs don’t match to get into a relationship.”
  • “I had an ex who was just like you… you know things didn’t work between us…”
  • “I feel lonely at times; I wish I had someone to care for me.”
  • “You make me feel so good…”
  • “I kept talking about you to my best friend all day long!”
  • “All I could do was think and talk about you on my Valentine’s Day date last night with my best friend!”
  • “My parents won’t accept someone with a profession like yours… you know what I mean.”
  • “My parents won’t like it if I date someone older to me.”

They would say everything like this to avoid getting into a relationship with you, but they would not think a thing before touching you like they have all the rights on you. And you? You would keep doing things thinking he is just naive and someday he’d understand he loves you because he makes you feel great and special and all that you have never experienced in the past with anyone else, ever!

There are probably a hundred more statements I can write here, but that’s just going to fill the space unnecessarily. My only intention to write this is to free you from the pain you are putting yourself into. Honey, honestly, he is never going to fall in love with you. He is probably cheating on you right now and you won’t even find out and even if you do, he would simply say – “well, you are not my girlfriend – remember?”

I say walk out of such an unhealthy relationship; it is a confusion – a mess you should be out of ASAP! It is going to choke you… in a literal way. No matter how much you do for such a cold-hearted evil-spirit monster – he would only smile reading this and not feel anything about it and you’d be in tears. Please move on and free yourself from such a dirty situation; trust me – you deserve much better in life.

Let us save ourselves from this new breed I call “The Confused Devils.”

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