Seven Chakras Explained (for all those who wish to attain peace)

Seven Chakras Explained (for all those who wish to attain peace)

Our body consists of different organs; there are so many things inside of us that we can barely remember the names of each one of them. There is a connection between different parts and Chakras of your body. If you aren’t aware of the seven chakras in your body, here’s a list of all the seven Chakras with their possible positions in your body (remember – every ‘body’ is different and your chakras may slightly vary, depending upon your posture and your spiritual

THE CROWN CHAKRAImage result for crown chakra

This is the only Chakra that allows you to connect with the Universe, where your Higher Self It is right on top of your head. Deep Purple in color, those, who activate and master their crown Chakra are known for their spiritual behavior. The ones with an open crown chakra are often calm and are deeply connected to their inner self; they are the believers.



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Out of all the different seven Chakras, this is my favorite. The third eye chakra is all about giving you the power of intuition, developing your psychic abilities and being more aware about yourself. Notice a Purple colored dot when you close your eyes? That’s your Third Eye Chakra. The deeper you get into it, the better you feel about your life. But beware – too much of focusing on your third eye can drag you to the parallel world, where all your mental images

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Have you ever had problems in communicating? I am not talking about mastering a language; I am talking about difficulty in expressing your thoughts. Focus on your throat and you would see an Ocean Blue color; this is your throat chakra. Mastering it allows you to be understood by all those around you. Throat Chakra helps you choose the correct words



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Full of love, full of life! Our heart chakra is right in the middle of our chest and is Natural Green in color. If you want to activate your heart chakra, you have to believe in love. No matter how broken your heart is, you can find its pieces and stick them back together to form your own world of love in abundance. How beautiful is it to meditate on your heart chakra? You dance with the birds, see the angels flying and float on the calmest water! This Chakra has healing abilities.


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What can be brighter and wiser than the sun? A little above your belly button, this chakra gives you the power to be wise and intelligent. It is Bright Yellow in color and the wise ones work on this Chakra to attain more wisdom. Just like the rays of the sun reach every corner of the world, your thirst for knowledge expands when you focus on this chakra.



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The Chakra for all the creative people in the world, this Sunny Orange beauty is right below your belly button. If you are in a creative field, you would often find weird palpitations below your belly button; it is a sign that you are spreading creativity in your field.




Image result for root chakra



The most basic thing in your life is trust; just like your body needs food, clothing and shelter; your soul needs trust, love and faith. This Mild Red colored chakra is right at the end of your spine. You learn the art of trusting people when you work on your Root Chakra.



I am surely going to write an article on the Third Eye Chakra soon. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about the seven Chakras in our body.

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