Spiritual Meditation: When Did I Start Meditating?

Spiritual Meditation: When Did I Start Meditating?

Right from the time I was a little girl, I was told that there is a world beyond the one we are living in. My grandfather always taught me different ways in which I could connect to My Higher Self with the help of spiritual meditation. Unfortunately, I was so engrossed finding knowledge in books that I barely paid attention to his words; I never understood what I was losing when he was all there to help me know and understand the meaning of The Higher Self.

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I lost my grandfather when I was in college. Even though I had grown very much affectionate towards his presence and his death had shattered me into pieces, his teachings had not fascinated me, yet.

After growing up a little and entering the world of practical and materialistic things, I kept slogging myself. All I wanted to do was gain more knowledge, increase my experience and earn as much as I could, so that I could settle down in my life and own all the things that I wanted to.

A Little About my Life Before I Started Spiritual Meditation:

After my graduation, I was selected to work as a Virtual Assistant in an Australian company. Since it was my first job, I was not only excited, but also nervous. I had taken a few part time jobs, but those were just for the sake of learning new things after lectures. This was something that I was looking for, right from the time I had appeared for the last paper of my final examination.

I worked in the company for around 6 months; one day, I had to quit due to some personal reasons on the floor. Well, not too personal that I can’t share. I was heartbroken. Call it puppy love, infatuation or whatever you want to, but it was the first time I was heartbroken. I was never a girl, who spent time with people, much. This boy meant a lot to me, but of course, things did not work the way I had expected. Even though we knew each other only for a week, the time seemed enough… well, at least for me!

Heartbroken and depressed… I had locked myself in my house for a few years. I didn’t meet anyone… didn’t talk to my family much… had an untimely diet… didn’t workout… I had gained around 40 pounds sitting at home doing absolutely NOTHING.

My Journey to Spiritual Meditation:

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One day… I stood there in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I always admired my eyes, but it was the first time in three years that I noticed they had lost their shine… not only did I look fat and non-appealing to myself, but also I had lost my sanity.

That was it… after three years of depression and obesity, I realized something had to be done.

The first thing I did was read about spiritual meditation. No exercise, no Yoga, no diet could work on my body, if I didn’t allow myself to connect with My Higher Self.

After going through a bunch of articles, I realized about the existence of The Third Eye right between my brows. Without reading about the other Chakras, I realized the first thing I had to do was calm the mind. I read the entire process of focusing in the middle of the brows. I sat in a quiet room and did as said. Well… nothing happened. As per what I had read, I thought I would be growing wings of wisdom and flying everywhere in the room. Unfortunately… nothing happened. And for several days… absolutely nothing happened!

Spiritual Meditation Helped me Meet My Higher Self:

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I would surely share how I felt when I successfully meditated for the first time… but ‘til I write about that… all I want to tell you is that I started spiritual meditation when I had no hopes to survive in life. I was tired, mentally exhausted, cheated, betrayed, broken, depressed, obese, physically unwell and devastated; while my friends were appearing for their MBA finals, working in different MNCs and progressing in their lives, I was gaining weight and growing uglier.

When everything left my trembling fingers, I knew I had to turn to the only thing that would never leave my side… My Higher Self… and I could reach out to myself only with the help of spiritual meditation.

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