Tratak Meditation – Seven Reasons Why I Use Candles While Meditating

Tratak Meditation – Seven Reasons Why I Use Candles While Meditating

Tratak Meditation is one of the most popular forms of meditation. Meditation takes me to a different world. I feel like I dive into a spiritual world that exists right in me. That’s what meditation is all about – you go on a journey deep within yourself.

tratak meditation

I don’t know if I have written the same statement before, but that’s what I feel about this process. It is something that I cherish the most. After all, it has helped me be the woman I am today.

How do I Meditate?

I usually meditate with a candle in front of me. Different people have different reasons of using candles while meditating.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I believe in connecting with fire, which is one of the elements we have been created with: I connect with the flame when there’s a candle in front of me. It makes me feel wonderful. The warmth that surrounds me is indefinable.
  2. I practice Tratak meditation at times: Tratak meditation is for the masters, I am not even a beginner in the field of meditation. People who practice for years and years are able to achieve the highest level of this meditation (also known as Tratak Yoga). Candle gazing is a part of this meditation.
  3. Candles make me feel good: I really don’t have a specific reason why I am so fond of candles, but I truly am.
  4. I love the aroma of fragranced candles: Fragranced candles have the power to rejuvenate you and your soul.
  5. I am very fond of Third Eye meditation, which is usually done with a candle: Third Eye (wondering what is Third Eye? Click here) meditation becomes easier when you have a candle in front of you. Even if your eyes are closed, the reflection falls on your Third Eye chakra and activates it instantly.
  6. Candlelight is pretty divine: What can be prettier than candlelight?
  7. A candle helps me focus more on what I want to manifest: If there’s something that I want to manifest, a candle helps me do the same. When I focus on a candle, I focus on what I want, instead of focusing on the things I don’t want to happen in my life. This is all that Tratak meditation is about.

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