Do you Let People Touch your Tarot Cards?

“But the manufacturers have touched your cards a couple of times!”

“How can you pickup cards for others when they are the ones with questions ?”

“What is so special about your cards that you can’t let others touch them?”

If you are a tarot reader who is said to be “obsessed with her cards” because you don’t let anyone touch your tarot cards, don’t worry as you are not the only one to go through this – I go through it every single time people see my altar or witness the way I host my tarot sessions.

Firstly, I never learned tarot. Honestly, I have never read books of the cards I use, but my clients keep returning to me because they say my readings have always been perfect and accurate. I would not be blowing my own trumpet here, but all I know is reading cards is a gift I am thankful to the Universe for.

However, not reading about tarot does not mean I am careless about my sessions or I bluff during the reading. I feel like I am made to speak certain things when I am hosting sessions in front of my altar. It is a different feeling.

Also, there are a couple of rules that I follow before I begin with my sessions, whether it is something I am doing online or personally for someone.

So what are my rules?

  • I always cleanse my aura by sprinkling rose or regular water on my head – thrice.
  • I shuffle each one of my decks at least thrice.
  • I offer gratitude to the Universe, myself and all those who trust in me.
  • I offer a small Hindu Mantra to the Supreme I am a believer of (Shiva).
  • I light a candle (preferably a fragrant one).
  • I invite good and holy spirits as well as angels to help me read for all those who ask for my help.

Out of all the rules I follow, the most important one is:

I never let anyone touch my tarot cards, maybe just like you never let anyone touch your tarot cards!

There have been one or two clients who have touched a couple of my cards, but that was because I felt the need to let them do so. Otherwise, once I charge my cards, no one is allowed to touch them. If someone touches them mistakenly, I politely tell them not to do so, cleanse my cards with the help of saging and charge them again.

So why do I not let them touch my cards?

  • Because everyone person comes to me with a different energy, a different problem. I would not want their energy to enter into my cards in any way.
  • I feel more connected to my cards when I pull them for people. I meditate almost every day and trust my intuition.
  • My cards are like parts of my soul. Not everyone should touch your soul.
  • I prefer not to share my energy with people, unless it is required. In fact, I dislike it when someone touches me in the midst of a session. Unless someone is crying and I need to offer consolation to them, I refrain myself from even holding hands in the midst of a reading.

Should you too not let anyone touch your tarot cards?

To this, all I would say is… to each his own.

Love and Light <3



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