Introduction to Tantra: Nothing ‘Sexual’ About It!

So I had decided to talk about Tantric meditation in the last blog-post, titled ‘Are you Sensually Awakened to be Spiritual?’ and here I am – finally writing a note on it!

People often confuse Tantric Meditation with something sexual; the truth is that Tantra has got nothing to do with your sexual energy; however, it has got everything to do with your ‘sensual’ energy. Let me make it easier for you – sexual energy is something that can be satisfied. You see someone, get attracted to him or her, get into a one-night stand situation with him or her and feel satiated. However, this does not happen when you are sensually awakened. Sensuality is a sensitive subject and often confused with sexuality. Sensuality is not something that can be satisfied; it keeps increasing just like any other energy in and around your body. The more sensual you are, the easier it is for you to manifest your desires and visions. I can write a whole book on sensuality, but let’s keep it short and simple!

What is the meaning of the word ‘Tantra’?

The actual meaning of the word ‘Tantra’ is ‘weaving.’ It is a Sanskrit word and appears in the hymns of Rigveda.

How is the word ‘Tantra’ connected to spirituality?

Tantra means to weave our energies together in order to experience something that we have never experienced before. Now let me ask you a question – how many people have you had sex with? I know it is a very personal question, but you can keep answering the questions in your head, instead of answering out loud. Now that you have counted the number of people, tell me – how many of them do you remember or miss? Out of all those people you have slept with, how many of them have you really exchanged your energy with? How many of them do you remember holding hands and rubbing cheeks with? I am sure in the end, there is going to be only one person. That person was the one you were truly connected with. It is not easy for you to find someone you can exchange energies with. With this sort a person, you don’t have sex – you weave your energy with him or her and experience something unusual. Thus, you remember him or her for the rest of your life. If you get to stay with this person forever, consider yourself lucky.

So what is Tantric Meditation?

People often call Tantric Meditation as the ‘Yoga of Ecstasy.’ It includes Yoga positions, meditation, breathing exercises, certain rituals and knowledge of texts from the ancient times of Hinduism and Buddhism. Yes – it is said that Hinduism and Buddhism combined together to create Tantric Meditation.

What is the most important thing in our lives?

Is it money? Is it sex? Is it family? Is it happiness?

It is ecstasy. Ecstasy of having someone close to you; ecstasy of being in love with someone who loves you back with the same intensity; ecstasy of feeling intimacy with your lover. No matter how rich and famous you get, unless you feel this ecstasy, you haven’t experienced life. You don’t need a Kamasutra book to teach you about intimacy and ecstasy; in fact, I am not promoting strange sexual relationships here. However, I am promoting the energy that builds up when two people come close to each other. You don’t need to have sex or even make love to the person. There are a few things that you can try with your lover and feel ecstatic about having him or her around you.

If you are blessed enough to have a partner in your life, you can begin with tantric meditation whenever you want. However, I would want you to do the following things first, instead of going deeper into it from the very first day. Please note that your soul takes its very own time to master the art of tantric meditation. Thus, patience and perseverance are the two things you need to keep. Once you adopt this meditation and surrender to it, manifesting your desires and achieving ecstasy become effortless.

Here are a few things you must try with your partner:

  1. Hold hands with your partner and look into his or her eyes. Don’t do anything else. Make sure the television set is off; your cellphones are on silent mode. Make sure the room is silent. You can get into the mood by lighting a few candles, switching off all the white lights (tubelights) and lighting a few good incense sticks. Just stare at each other. Your hands should not detach; the touch should not break. Your eyes should not explore any other part of each other’s bodies. You just need to focus on each other’s eyes. Keep staring for as long as you want (or as long as one of you break into tears). The woman’s palms should be up and the man’s palms should be down. Stay still in this position for at least five minutes and breathe.
  2. The next thing you can try is sit in front of your partner, grab his or her right hand and place it on your Heart Chakra, which is in the middle of your chest. Now place your hand on his or her Heart Chakra and breathe together. After a few minutes, you both will breathe in the same pattern. Keep looking at each other or simply close your eyes and focus on your breaths. Inhale deeply, imagining breathing his or her energy into your body. When you guys have mastered doing this together quite a few number of times, the woman (the Shakti) is supposed to sit on the laps of her man (the Shiva) with her legs wrapped around his waist. This is called the Shiv-Shakti position. However, this is possible only when the two of you have immense control. Please note that tantric meditation is all about controlling your urges, surrendering and feeling them at the same time.
  3. Even though I have not read this anywhere (or have even tried), but someday I would love to try this with someone I am deeply connected with. Sit in front of your partner. Make sure the two of you are on the floor with your legs folded. Sit as closely as you can, touching your knees against each other. Now hold hands and move forward. Bring your lips extremely close to each other and remain still, without kissing. Now allow your partner to breath closer to you and you do the same. Inhale the energy he or she exhales and ask him or her to inhale the energy that you exhale. Let this form a circle in itself. This is what I call the ‘Circle of Energy.’ You can also place your forehead against his or her forehead, allowing your Third Eye Chakras to get connected. Remain in this position for at least ten minutes. Closing your eyes might surely help.
  4. The last exercise I would like to share with you is quite special and I am sure you all are going to love it. It is hugging your partner. Simply hug the one you are deeply connected with. But the two of you have to hug each other in Shiv-Shakti position. Make sure the room is silent, has dimmed lights and if it is a full moon night, let the moonlight enter into the room to bless you both as you embrace each other in a beautiful, warm, long lasting hug. Be on the floor. Hold each other close, close your eyes, breathe together and keep breathing until you feel deeply connected to each other’s bodies. A lot of sexual energy will rise during this process. However, after a few minutes, everything will settle down and you will achieve the most powerful energy in its filtered form – the energy of unconditional love.

I will surely write a complete article describing the ‘Shiv-Shakti’ position of sitting on the ground with your partner and many more exercises in Tantric Meditation. Until then, keep exploring the field of light! I know, at first all these exercises sound funny. Some even call it ‘spiritual porn’ and make fun of it. However, those who master the ‘Art of Spiritual Seduction’ are the ones who enjoy Heaven being alive.

Love and light to you all.

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