Third Eye Meditation: How to Activate your Third Eye Chakra?

Third Eye Meditation: Activating the Chakra Between your Brows!


Third Eye Meditation has gained immense popularity, particularly with the popularity of psychics and tarot card readers. Most of the people are now consulting psychics to know about their future. Some of the psychics are so accurate in their readings that they have a bunch of loyal clients, who keep returning to them for their excellent services.

Are the psychics born with such powers?

Why is it that only a handful of people get ‘intuitions’ and the others don’t?

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I believe every person is born with some powers. However, these powers remain untapped by most of the people. Those with a keen interest in the concept of Law Of Attraction (LOA) are going to agree with me here.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professional psychic or not, wouldn’t it be great to get intuitions about the coming times? Third Eye Meditation allows you to tap those powers that you were born with, but never discovered.

What is Third Eye Meditation?

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The Third Eye Meditation focuses on the activation, balancing, healing and aligning your Third Eye Chakra with all the other Chakras in your body. The most wonderful thing about the Third Eye Meditation is that you challenge the reality with your beliefs and illusions. Of course there are the headaches, pains, fear and migraine attacks for the beginners of this meditation, but trust me, it is all worth the efforts.

Third Eye Meditation is not something that can be done overnight. Even if you have been blessed with intuitive powers, it is essential for you to work on your Third Eye Chakra. The more you meditate, the stronger your intuitions get.

A Brief Note on Third Eye Chakra:

I have already written an article on all the seven Chakras in our body (read the article by clicking here –The Seven Chakras). However, I would love to share what Third Eye Chakra exactly is. I believe every person will give you a different explanation.

For me, the Third Eye Chakra is the universe. You close your eyes, keep focusing between your brows, use the correct vibration to tap into your Third Eye energy and reach a place where you belong. It is the universe where you meet your Higher Self. 

Third Eye Meditation

The Third Eye Chakra is located a little above your brows, right at the center. If you look at the picture of Lord Shiv (Shankar, Bholenaath), you notice this beautiful Third Eye right at the center of his forehead. That’s exactly where your Third Eye Chakra lies. Reaching the level of Third Eye Chakra is not as easy as it seems; at first, you don’t even realize if you are doing it correctly or not.

Third Eye Meditation: Activating your Third Eye Chakra:

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is relax yourself completely. In today’s world, it doesn’t seem like we are living; it feels like we are simply surviving. Thus, relaxing your body and mind seems impossible. However, if you really want to work on your intuitive skills and become a stronger person in life, calm your body and mind with the help of Third Eye Meditation.

Let’s Begin the Journey of Third Eye Meditation:

Find a comfortable place where you are not disturbed for an hour. You can sit or lie on the floor or in your bed; it doesn’t matter as long as your backbone is straight. It is always good to be alone when you meditate, especially if you are a beginner. Keep the lights dimmed and the temperature of the room, comfortable. 

Now close your eyes. During your Third Eye Meditation journey, don’t try calming your mind. Let it be effortless. If there are thoughts ringing in your head, let them come. Welcome them. After a few seconds, begin focusing on your breaths. Notice the way you inhale and exhale the air. Feel the oxygen filling and vacating your lungs. 

Let’s Move to the Imagination Part:

It is time for you to imagine. Imagine that there is a purple ball of light in front of your closed eyes. At first, you might not see it. Eventually, you will. Witness the glowing purple energy that the ball has. If you are doing it correctly, the ball will emit purple rays. Keep focusing on the ball and its energy. While doing so, effortlessly breathe in and breathe out. Whether it is the Third Eye Meditation or any other meditation, breathing plays a vital role. Thus, focus on breathing deeply and correctly.

Feel the purple rays coming closer to you and expanding, luring you towards the energy of the ball. It invites you to breathe the energy that it has. Take it in through your nose. Breathe as deeply as you can. Yes – breathe in the purple energy and feel like it is reaching at the center of your forehead. This time, exhale through your mouth and imagine all the negative energies leaving your body through your mouth.


As you inhale, bring your entire focus on the tingling sensation at the center of your forehead or between your brows. Repeat this four to five times or for as long as you like. There comes a point of time in this Third Eye Meditation journey when the negative energies (I imagine them as gray dull smoke) stop coming out of your body. It means that your Third Eye Chakra is clean and you’ve cleaned all the dust away.

Sound of the Ajna Chakra:

third eye meditation

Now as you inhale deeply to your Third Eye Chakra, hold your breath and say ‘Aum’ (or OM) and stress on ‘MMMMM.’ Exhale slowly by stretching the word as much as you can. If you are doing this correctly, you feel a special vibration on your Third Eye Chakra. Repeat this step for a few times or for as long as you feel completely relaxed.

How to Come Out of the Third Eye Meditation:

If you have been meditating for a while, I am sure you know that you can’t open your eyes and end your meditation. Since you are totally drowned into yourself, you need to take your own sweet time to come out of the Third Eye Meditation, or any other meditation, phase.

To come out or end your Third Eye Meditation, imagine the expanded purple ball turning smaller. Slowly stop saying the word ‘Aum’ (or OM) and bring your focus back to your breathing. Instead of long deep breaths, breathe normally. Feel the tingling sensations in your feet, the lower back and your entire body. Once you feel like you can hear the things happening around you in your conscious state of mind, feel free to open your eyes. 

Expect These Things After your Third Eye Meditation:

Purple dots or a big purple ball disturbing you even when your eyes are open.

Slight headache or pain between your brows.

Heightened sense of sound.

I hope you enjoy exploring the wonderful journey of Third Eye Meditation. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below this article.

Love and Light!


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