What to Do with your Affirmation Journal/Papers?

Very recently, someone told me that their affirmation journal is full and they are unsure of what to do with it. That’s when I gave them a couple of tips, and realized it is one of the best things to write on.

If you don’t know what an affirmation journal is (just in case you are a beginner in LOA), it is a book in which you write affirmations every single day (or whatever you call regular in your manifestation process). While some people write daily write in their affirmation journal, there are others who write every alternate day or once a week or even once in fifteen days. It all depends upon how much you have mastered the process of LOA and how soon you want the manifestation happen.

So, once your affirmation journal is full, what can you do with it?

Should you throw it away into the garbage?

Well, that’s the silliest thing you would ever do.

Do you give it away to someone else?

This means you would be disclosing your dreams to others, which is not very nice until they are manifestation.

Here are a couple of things you can do with your affirmation journal:

  1. Burn it: Yes – this is the best thing to do with your affirmation journal. Once it is full, all you need to do is burn it away and put the ashes into a running water body or give it back to the Universe by offering them to the forest (simply put them into the forest while you are driving by). Those into spell work definitely know the power of this.
  2. Keep it safe for future reference: If you can keep it safe, somewhere, save it to refer the same in future. You can repeat (or write similar) affirmations from this specific journal to manifest another thing in the coming time, after finishing this specific one.
  3. Use it for spell work: Just in case you have any idea about spell work, there are ways in which you can use your affirmation journal for crafting the right kind of spells for your betterment, or the betterment of others as well. You can create your own spells too.
  4. Gift it to someone manifesting the same: Once you have manifested what you have been writing in your affirmation journal, gift this beautiful book to someone who is trying to manifest the exact same thing and you have a hint about it. For an instance, if you get the house you have been trying to manifest and you know someone else is doing everything they can to do it, gift them this journal. It is going to motivate them to have their own.

I would like to give you an amazing tip that’s going to help you NOT worry about an affirmation journal ever.

Instead of writing affirmations in a journal or on a paper, write an affirmation on a bayleaf. Charge it by placing it between both of your hands and praying and burn it. Then spread the ashes outside your house. You can repeat this process once a day or every alternate day.

Is there anything else you do with your affirmation journal /papers? Comment and let others know!

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