You Shall Be Judged

You Shall Be Judged

you shall be judged

Written by Bhairavi Sharma

Just when she thought she was surrounded by darkness, she realized it was all behind her closed eyelids; the moment she opened her eyes, she felt like she had been unconscious for several years. She was embraced by the strands of her very own hair; the thickness of her jet black hair was much more than she had ever felt before. Fighting the blurry visions, she pushed the ground with her palms and got onto her back, hoping to face the ceiling.

But there was no ceiling…

She thought she was hallucinating due to her dizziness, but after a few blinks and forcing her brain to wake up, she looked at what she thought was mere illusion. Her eyes were wide as her mouth opened to depict the fear she felt. The more she feared, the harder she pressed her back against the crystal flooring. She tried moving her hands, but the vision made her heart pound faster. She could not find a rhythm inside her body, but she could hear voices… noises, rather.

Was she in a lucid dream?

There were rocks that appeared too shiny to be true, a large white object that resembled the tiny moon that she saw through the window of her balcony, a waterfall of purple, emerald green and neon shades danced around a massive ball with craters. Some of the lights were too bright to be stared at and some, too faint to be missed. The fear in her heart increased when she realized she did not fear the luminescent appearance of what she witnessed; everything meant obvious, even though she barely understood it. She then realized she could barely move, talk or even think.

Was she surrendering to nothingness?

As she kept staring at the moving objects of The Universe, she saw a ball moving closer to her. It was a flaming ball of energy, a friend to the creators of Qi Balls. Her eyes moved as the ball kept coming closer to her and entered into her chest. Her eyes, which were wide until this very moment, welcomed the ball by relaxing the brows as her lips gently touched each other. The muscles of her face relaxed a little more as she closed her eyes and her head tilted to one side.

Was she dying?

Her chest rose as she felt the energy opening her Heart Chakra. With no efforts at all, her arms stretched outwards as her twisted legs straightened. She could feel the ball of energy now resting at the back of her spine. She could feel the vibrations as her spine now seemed activated. While the flower of her Root Chakra opened petal-by-petal, there was a divine warm light eagerly waiting to flow out from her crown. She felt like there was a fountain pushed from the base of her spine to her crown; as the energy forced itself to come out of her body, there was an invisible smile on her face. Her clenched fists were now relaxing on the knuckles. Her spine was parallel to the ground when the energy was twinkling at the tips of her fingers. As a milky tear slid down her eye, she could feel different sensations taking birth inside her body. She was enjoying the tranquility she had never experienced before. She was ignorant to it all, but it all seemed right.

Was she alone?

No; as a matter of fact, there were many more individuals going through the same experience on their respective altars. They felt like they were moving, but it was The Universe that was flowing around them. The only Elysian thought that danced in their mind was to surrender.

But surrender to whom?

To the one who gifted them these sensations, the goosebumps. The ball of energy was their best friend, her best friend, the one that had been waiting for her from the very moment she won the race to meet the egg. She felt like she was in the womb of her mother – protected and guarded – untouched by all those who had spoiled the magnificent fortress of her body when she was on Earth.  There was no hurry, not anymore; she didn’t have to be anywhere else now; she was where she belonged, she was safe and sound.

The streets were decorated with innumerable candles, oil lamps and lanterns. She raised her eyes to the calm voice of the fireworks. As the bristling particles glittered in her corneas, she smiled through her painted-red lips. She was walking down a tiny passage that was overcrowded already. The roughness of the wall faintly rubbed against her exposed belly, scratching her a little, but as her hands were busy holding the plate of yellow and orange fresh marigold flowers, she paid less attention to the other sensations. Also, the roughness of the wall was far better than the different rough hands that touched her almost every fifth hour of the day.

The only thing she smilingly responded to was the inexplicable sensation that took place as the twisted ends of her hair tickled her waist. Just when she managed dragging herself out of the passage, she noticed that a few kids were burning crackers that made loud noises… thunder bomb firecrackers! She wanted to cover her ears to protect her ears from the scary noise, so she managed tilting her head towards the edge of her shoulder and pressed at least one ear against it. A wet flower slipped from the plate and bounced on her hips, leaving a few drops on her skin. She rushed inside her small hut, where she had lit an oil lamp in front of the Goddess she worshipped. A loud noise in the backdrop scared her; she jumped and the plate fell from her hands. She closed her ears and pressed herself against the darkness of the corner. Yet, there was a smile of enjoyment on her face. She heard someone scolding the children outside her house; as the kids left, she opened her eyes and looked on the floor that was now covered with the flowers. She frowned as she couldn’t place the wasted nature on the altar of her Goddess anymore. She picked up the plate and rushed outside the house.

A man placed a few fresh flowers on her plate without glancing at her. She kept the money on his basket and quietly left the place, hiding behind her veil. The edge of her veil was tucked in her teeth. As she reached the clenched passage once again, she uncovered her face and squeezed to reach the other side of the world. When she saw the kids lighting the firecrackers again, she ran towards her house, glancing back to check how far the crackers had burnt. Suddenly, she was hit by the bonnet of a car. Her plate of flowers rose in the air and fell down against the ground as the flowers covered her bleeding body; at least now they weren’t wasted anymore. The last thing she saw was a few legs gathering around her.

Suddenly, her chest rose again as she inhaled deeply with an unusual sound. Her eyes were now wide again. It was back… it was all back… the waterfall of transparent sheets, the shining rocks, the massive balls, the minty feeling in her heart of the soothing energy ball… the nothingness. There was no urgency for her to get up, but as she glanced to her right and noticed some of the individuals walking towards a single direction, she, too, felt the need to rise on her feet…

…and so she did!

As the soles of her feet touched the altar where she rested until a few moments ago, she could feel the warmth of the platform entering into her body. However, she didn’t wish to lose herself in the sensations once again; thus, she began walking where the crowd led her. While walking, she noticed that a lot of people were in their state of tranquility, a few were getting up from their altars, while the others were mere silhouette to her vision. The ground seemed endless to her eyes and maybe it was. She looked up once again, witnessing the imperfect nature of the perfectly painted Universe. As she walked a little more, her white flowing gown moved on its own, protecting her from tripping. The full sleeves touched the tips of her fingers, but the moment she raised her hand to push her hair strands away, it slipped to uncover half of her arm.

She finally reached to what seemed like a queue. Without questioning, she stood behind a man dressed in a white cloak. As she bent to learn what was happening and what they were waiting for, she realized all the women were dressed in a gown similar to what she wore whereas all the men were dressed in the white cloak similar to what the man standing ahead of her wore. She stood still; there was an explosion that shrugged her. She looked at the sparkling particles in the Universe that reminded her of the fireworks from the streets. There were different sounds that touched all the seven Chakras of her spine, but she was now getting used to the vibration. She heard the man whispering; when she noticed his hands were joined and his lips were trembling, she realized he was praying and praying so deeply that every word that he spoke had a different energy that she could feel around her.

She: Where are we?

The man stopped praying and turned towards her. She realized he was probably double than her age; a few of his gray hair could not be dyed with the gel he used to hide his age. No doubt he had worked hard to maintain his body, but he was unable to do so. The fair texture of his facial skin had darkened wherever the wrinkles took birth. As he smiled with a mystique expression, he gave her the glimpse of the crow’s feet next to his hazel eyes.

He: Haven’t you guessed it already?

The resonance of his voice must have attracted all those he spoke with, but she paid more attention to the inquisitiveness within her heart. She looked around once more; there were people belonging to different age groups. As she turned towards her left, she noticed a few winged-fairies carrying babies in their arms; towards her right were a few old men and women, some were walking together as if they knew each other. The only common thing in all of them was the expression of confusion on their faces. She turned her head towards the man, once again, and responded with a nod.

He: We are all deceased souls.

The man’s expression did not change, even though his voice turned deeper and more effective than earlier. Every single word from his lips was so clear that it hit her heart like a stone thrown on the balcony of her curiosity. She suddenly recalled the memory of losing consciousness when she was hit by the ‘black car.’

She: Oh my god… oh lord… I’m dead…

She whispered in fear as her eyes explored the Universe covering her existence. She covered her open mouth with her trembling fingers and realized that she never opened her eyes after the hit.

He: Calm down now… there’s nothing to fear… nothing anymore…

The man responded with an even broader smile.

He: It is time to leave all your fears behind; we are where we must be. This is the final destination of everybody; we are not the first to be here and not the last, either. All you now need to do is pray…

Her fingers uncovered her lips as she stared into his eyes.

She: Pray? Pray for what?

He: Can’t you see where you are?

She looked at the queue she was a part of. She responded with another nod.

He: You are between Heaven and Hell; we are all waiting for The Judgement.

She: Judgement?

He: Not just judgement, but The Judgement.

She: What does that even mean?

He smiled at her ignorance.

He: You have been an atheist all your life, it seems?

She recalled her memory of rushing to get fresh flowers for her favorite Goddess; she was not an atheist, but the conditions in which she survived never gave her any chance to read any Holy books or attend the preaching of any Holy Figure.

He: You see this queue? We are all standing here to be judged by Him.

She: Him?

He: The one who decides who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell.

She: It exists?

His smile faded away as the middle of his forehead wrinkled at her blinking eyes.

She: I mean… I did hear of all this Judgement thing happening after death, but I had no idea it was all true?

He: If it isn’t, go ahead and pinch yourself to wake up from your dream.

He turned to the other side, walked a few steps and lost himself in praying again. She pinched the soft skin of her wrist. When she didn’t feel anything, she was more confused. She followed and stood behind him, once again.

She: I am not feeling any pain…

She whispered. He turned back once again, but this time without a smile on his face.

He: That’s because you are dead!

She kept staring as he turned away and started praying, again. She felt another presence behind her. She saw a young boy, who gazed into her beautiful black eyes that had nothing more or less than innocence. She blinked and turned her head away. The queue moved a little ahead. She could now get a glimpse of a white door; it felt like millions of stars had gathered to build it. Just when she was appreciating its luminescence appearance, it broke into two parts. She saw two people moving on to the other side. As soon as their existence merged with the universe, the door rebirthed and glittered all over again. As she walked a few more steps, she could now count people on her fingertips – only seven! Just a few moments earlier, she thought she would have to spend eternity standing in the never-ending queue and now, she was the eighth deceased soul waiting for her turn.

But there was still time and she was rather excited, than nervous. In fact, far more excited than the man standing ahead of her, praying to rest in Heaven! She rose on her toes and reached his ear.

She: So do you think you’re going to Heaven?

The man was furious now since it was the third time she had interrupted his prayer.

He: What do you mean by ‘I Think!’

He air quoted, maintaining his tone.

He: I am!

He bragged.

She: And what makes you so sure?

He wanted to get back to his prayers, but he decided to answer her.

He: Do you know who I am?

She looked at him from the tip of his hair to his toes; she nodded.

He: When you were alive, didn’t you hear of Balraj Industries?

Before she could nod again, the boy behind her jumped into their conversation.

Boy: Balraj Samrat? The man who has been awarded as the number 1 businessman in India?

The man smirked.

Boy: Oh my god, Sir! We always read about you in our books at college! You’ve been an inspiration to the entire nation.

While the men conversed, she kept looking at them; she didn’t understand a word, but she realized that the man standing in front of her was someone very popular for his work. He looked at her and smirked, once again, thinking that she recognized him. When she innocently blinked at him, he realized she didn’t find him familiar. The pride from his face began vanishing.

He: You don’t recognize me, yet?

She sighed with a nod. Now, the man was confused. He knew that Earth must be weeping on his death; some of the most famous celebrities must be attending his funeral, his family must be shattered, all those children at his orphanages and elderly people at his old-age homes must be crying over his death news, but suddenly, all that didn’t matter to him. He couldn’t believe the girl standing in front of him had no idea about who he was.

He: Who are you?

His eyes were now glued to her face. Her hands rubbed against each other and he didn’t ignore her nervousness.

Yes – the excitement in her heart was now replaced by nervousness.

She: I’m a deceased soul waiting to be judged…

He: That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all this while, but I want to know who were you when you were alive?

Had she been alive, she would be sweating, but the temperature was soothing enough to keep her face calm and her nervousness low.

She: I was a prostitute.

She said in one go; the man stepped back; she was an untouchable!

However, his wide-eyed look and disgusted expression didn’t affect her; she was used to it. From the time she remembered, the only memories she had were of the brothel where she grew up. It was a tiny place, but her beauty attracted even those dressed in suits and ties. She could easily buy a new house, but she was used to the place where she lived. Moreover, she didn’t have the skills to save money.

He: How disgraceful!

He turned towards the other side and walked a few steps, praying for the door to open as quickly as it closed after two more individuals went inside and disappeared. He was now fifth in the queue.

She: What makes you think you’re going to Heaven?

He decided not to answer. As she turned her head a little, she noticed the young boy had distanced a bit, too. She then stepped ahead, a little closer to the man standing in front.

She: What makes you think you’re going to Heaven?

She asked in the same tone, unaffected by his behavior.

He grumbled, but decided to answer, again.

He: I have been one of the wealthiest industrialists of our country… always ahead in the list and the race.

She: So the Heaven is booked for the businessmen and the industrialists?

He was annoyed.

He: Listen, will you?

She was amused by how irritated he was, but something in her told her to listen to his story.

He: I established my business when I was as young as the boy standing behind you… I struggled for years and years together to make my name in the market. After gaining success, I realized I had to do something for the orphan children; I not only adopted a child, but also built and inaugurated four different orphanages in four different cities. But my thirst to do goodness didn’t stop there; even though I gave away a lot of money to charity organizations, I was not satisfied with the condition of the elderly people in the society. After the death of my mother, I constructed six old-age homes where hundreds of elderly people are taken care of. I provided the orphans and elderly crowd with good food, clean clothes and the right to live.

She listened to every word he spoke and compared his life with hers.

He: Well, that’s not all! I made sure to get up early in the morning to feed the pigeons…

She: The pigeons?

He: Don’t you know? Feeding the pigeons helps you reserve a seat in Heaven. In fact, had my brother not planned my murder, I would still be doing all the good deeds on the planet.

He pointed towards Earth.

He: I never missed going to the temple as the first thing in the morning, never skipped the evening prayers, never missed feeding the ants… never missed planting the trees to make Earth a better place!

She was surprised by what he said; while she was happy to meet him, her very own life scared her.

He: So…

He scanned her from top to bottom.

He: Where do you think you are going?

She frowned, not knowing what to say. She had been a sex slave all her life; a lot of men had humped on her, a lot of men cheated upon their wives because of her, she sold her pious body for money, she barely got the time to pray… she was surely going to Hell.

She looked into his eyes.

She: I have never chanted… prayed… mediated… or done charity… I… never fed the pigeons or did anything that can be included in the list of good deeds… do you think I’ll get a seat in Heaven?

There was desperation in her eyes; he wanted to sympathize to her agony. Yet, he turned his face to the other side and walked a few steps ahead. He was now facing the Door Of Stars. With a smile on his face, he closed his eyes and murmured his final prayers. She turned back at the boy, who silently looked at her.

Boy: Well… I think we’ll meet again…

She: What do you mean?

Boy: I shot my school teacher when she denied sleeping with me and poisoned my blood after a week… I am definitely going to Hell.

She turned her head towards the man standing ahead of her; he was lost in his prayers. She wondered what it would be like to be in Hell. She then felt the boy’s lips closer to her ear.

Boy: I’ve read they burn you in Hell… and they also make you walk on thorns. Let’s not forget that they put you in boiling oil and make you scream. The more you scream, the weirder their punishments get.

She touched her arms, feeling her beautiful skin, imagining the temperature of the boiling oil. Suddenly, the Door Of Stars opened. As the man began walking, she followed him. Before entering into the Door, she turned back and glanced at the boy. He waved at her with a smile and whispered ‘See you soon!’

As she turned, she realized she was flying in The Universe. There was no ground, no gravitation, no path, yet, they floated as if their souls knew their destination. After what seemed like eternity, they entered into a dark hole. It could scare her, had she been in one of those nightmares she usually had after her tiring day of exhausting sexual services, but she was not dreaming and she knew that. As they kept flying, they noticed a gleaming floor. They were landing on a strange planet they had neither heard of nor seen in any of the calendars when they were alive. As soon as their feet rested on what seemed like a transparent floor, they noticed a faceless man sitting with a shining scythe. His cloak was torn and dirty, but he didn’t care about what he wore. He was unusually taller and strangely blank.

While her eyes silently explored the presence of this faceless body, the man kneeled in front of him and hailed to praise him. She then realized he was G.O.D. – God Of Death. She wanted to kneel, too, but before she could do that, the man stood on his feet and stared at her with a smirk on his face. She knew she had missed the only chance she had to pacify the figure and win her ticket to Heaven. As the figure raised his head, they noticed that there were two doors instead of his eyes. While one of them was white and had wings; the other was burning.

‘Doors to Heaven and Hell…’

She thought to herself. She felt the figure looking at her through what appeared to be his eyes. She was unable to decide whether he was GOD or Phantom for his faceless being could fear anyone alive on her planet. Yet, she had the courage to keep staring at him, without making it impolite. Her fingers were entwined that depicted her nervousness. When she felt the figure’s eyes on her fingers, she hurriedly pushed her hands at the base of her spine, still rubbing them nervously. She then noticed his head moving towards the man standing beside her.

G.O.D.: What is your name?

The figure had an inexplicable voice. It felt like hundreds of men were whispering in a hissing tone. However, each word that came out of the empty space of his mouth was loud, clear and resonant.

The man had a confident smile on his face.

He: I am Balraj Samrat…

G.O.D.: And where do you think you should be sent?

Another hiss!

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the young girl standing next to him. He then looked back at the figure.

He: Heaven, Sir.

G.O.D.: Why so?

When the man got a chance to brag about his good Karmas, he decided to be more specific this time.

He: Sir, all my life, I had fed the pigeons, the ants, visited the temple every morning, prayed in the evening, meditated, gave a home to an orphan, planted trees, invested in charity institutes, helped uncountable NGOs, paid all of my taxes in time, never earned any black money, never lied, never betrayed anyone, never cheated upon my partner, did everything to give the best to my family, spent my entire life finding every single way to do good Karmas…

G.O.D.: Impressive.

She then saw his head turning towards her.

G.O.D.: And where do you think you should be sent?

‘He doesn’t even want to know my name; I am surely going to Hell!’

She shivered, thinking to herself.

She: I… I…

She glanced at the man and looked back at the Phantom.

She: I don’t know…

She nodded, feeling the energy ball pounding harder in her Heart Chakra.

G.O.D. relaxed his arm on the large scythe and rubbed the tip of his thumb with the tip of his finger. There was a moment of complete silence; however, the confidence of the man energized the room with an invisible gleam. She first looked at him and then stared at her feet, ashamed of her existence in front of G.O.D. She had taken too much; she wanted this to end. Since she was going to Hell, she was ready for it. She had no intensions to defend herself; after all, she was a prostitute all her life. She had used her body, the blessing of the Divine, for monetary gains. So many men betrayed their wives because they were lost in her beauty. She was nothing but a stigma on the society.

G.O.D.: I hope you like it in Heaven.

She closed her eyes; the result was declared and she was going to Hell, since the man was going to Heaven.

G.O.D.: Meeta; I hope you like it in Heaven.

The words bounced on her eardrums.

‘Meeta? Heaven? He knows my name?’

She opened her eyes and looked at the Phantom.

She: What?

She whispered in surprise.

He: But G.O.D….

G.O.D.: And you in Hell, Balraj.

She looked at him, confused.

He: Hell? Me? What do you mean!

She realized something was wrong; their deeds were probably mismatched under their names.

She: G.O.D…. he can’t go to Hell… he has been a very kind man all his life! He has been an inspiration to so many; a man who never spent a single moment without taking the names of all those with Divine Sacred Powers; a man who has always been good to others; a man who has spent his entire life taking care of his family, his children; a man who has been a philanthropist almost all his life! He can’t go to Hell!

G.O.D. looked at her. There was a pleasant expression on his face, even though it had nothing but two doors, one leading to ecstasy and other to the abyss.

She: I don’t want to sound offensive, G.O.D., but I believe you have made a mistake… he is the one with the list of good Karmas and I… I am the bad one here!

Both of them looked at the Phantom that kept staring at the young lady, bravely giving up on her dream to get at least a glimpse of Heaven.

G.O.D.: Don’t you want to experience the ecstasy and tranquility of Heaven? They say it is the most wonderful planet a soul can ever visit.

She: I am sure it is beautiful out there… I am sure the boulevard has uncountable thorn-less flowers, beautiful fairies welcoming the souls to relax after their struggling lives, children playing soothing tunes on harp, divine wine served in cups of gold, freshly baked bread served on the plates of clouds, dancing stars in the sky with three moons of different colors, lovers chasing each other, flying with their wings, trees with fruits of different kinds, river of aurora borealis, artists painting a masterpiece together, dancers choreographing an endless dance of joy, singers composing a never-ending song of love and souls not judging each other!

She closed her eyes and pressed her hands against the temperature of her neck, imagining every word behind her closed eyelids. In a moment, she was back. She opened her eyes and noticed that the Phantom had moved closer; she could now hear the sounds of soothing winds and shrieking souls from both the doors of his eyes.

G.O.D.: It is much more than what you have explained! Much more delightful, much more soothing! Something that I can’t explain, but only offer to the ones who deserve to experience it!

She wished she could enter into the door of Heaven, but she knew it was incorrect; she didn’t deserve to go in.

She: I am sure it is much more than what I have explained and imagined; but it is not where I belong.

She pointed towards the man.

She: It is where He belongs.

The Phantom relaxed on his throne, once again, and rested his chin on his fingers.

He: Yes! I deserve to go to Heaven!

G.O.D. glanced at the man.

G.O.D.: You really think you deserve to go to Heaven?

He: Without a doubt!

G.O.D.: Then how would you explain the slaughtering of all those animals for your leather company?

The man stepped back as the radiant energy of his confident soul was now replaced by the harsh whispers of the Phantom.

G.O.D.: What about the real fur coat you bought for your sister?

The man’s eyes were wide.

G.O.D.: What about all those animals you slaughtered to feed your belly, despite having sufficient means to own all kinds of delicacies the Divine Energy of the Creator has created for all those on your planet?

The man was speechless.

G.O.D.: What about all those times when your children were young and they needed you and you had absolutely no time to sit next to them and watch them grow? You adopted one, of course, but never paid attention to what he needed?

The man didn’t know how to respond or defend himself.

G.O.D.: What about all those times when you rolled up the windows of your car for the unfortunate ones who begged on the streets?

The man felt choked.

G.O.D.: What about all those prostitutes you degraded with the sword of your words when you had their homes destructed for constructing the manufacturing unit for your business?

The man didn’t know how to react.

G.O.D.: What about all those homeless children you laughed at when all their pleading eyes asked for was a plate of food to suffice their hungry bellies?

The man felt he was drowning in his own sweat, even though he was not sweating; it was probably his guilt.

G.O.D.: What about all those times when you degraded your well-skilled wife and told her she is made only to take care of the kitchen and your children?

The man pressed his chest with his hand.

G.O.D.: What about the time when you fired one of your employees only because he was late to work?

The man tried looking at the Phantom as the face came closer to him.

G.O.D.: Weren’t you informed about the critical condition of his mother?

The man looked down, as if frowning on his Karmas.

G.O.D.: Those who think we are found only in the Holy buildings must not forget that we are omnipresent. We see everything. You must never be selfish while doing a deed; you must not do it to prove something to us; no deed is small or big; a deed is a deed; it is, in fact, a seed that you put into the ground to grow beanstalks to both Heaven and Hell; you are then Judged upon the basis of which beanstalk is taller. Your beanstalk leads you to Hell and hers… to Heaven.

He relaxed himself on his throne once again. It was her time to speak as she realized he was now looking at her, transferring a calming energy to her soul.

She: What makes you think I am perfect for Heaven? I have practically never been to temples or mosques or churches or any Holy place… I have never done anything for anyone… I have been selfish all my life because all I did was sell myself to earn money to feed my very own stomach…

She paused with an urge to continue.

She: I have eaten animals too!

G.O.D.: When you have no means to buy anything, you eat what you are offered.

She stared into his eyes.

G.O.D.: Did you, or did you not, feed the children who came into your house when their mothers were ‘busy’ at the brothel?

She looked at the man, then back at the Phantom and nodded.

G.O.D.: Did you, or did you not, allow the hungry stray cat to drink all the milk you had at home, even though it was the only thing that you had for that night?

She silently nodded.

G.O.D.: Did you, or did you not, feed a hungry dog the last biscuit you had in your purse, even though your stomach was growling in hunger?

She had tears in her eyes.

G.O.D.: Did you, or did you not, save so many rapes from happening on the streets by selling your body for an amount which people ‘tip’ at different restaurants?

She couldn’t move.

G.O.D.: Did you, or did you not, help a girl child escape from the brothel that never allowed you to step out of your room?

She broke into tears; someone was reminding her about the deeds she thought were unnoticed and meant nothing at all.

G.O.D.: Those who do good deeds unknowingly are the ones that double the size of their beanstalk that leads them to Heaven. What you have done on Earth is something that not even the so-called pious figures do. You have been one of the most selfless individuals who have made it to Heaven. You deserve every bit of your stay there, for as long as you want. Once you want to reborn, we shall put you to another test, but with a promise of not as tough as the one you have already passed.

She covered her face with her hands. She was given enough time to break into tears for the courage she had kept all this while. She then looked at the man next to her.

She: Can’t we do anything to put him into Heaven, too?

The Phantom looked at the man.

He: No…

The man interrupted their stare. She looked at him once again.

He: I want to pay for my sins. We all are given enough chances to improve ourselves; all the while we are alive, we often complain of being wrongly judged, without realizing that one day, We Shall Be Judged for every single deed we have done… no matter how tiny or massive it is.

They looked at the Phantom and felt the urge to spread their arms. They then felt being pulled by the ‘doors’ or the ‘eyes’ of G.O.D. As she began flying, she noticed the man crossing her path and going to the Door Of Hell. She then felt two invisible wings growing through her spine and a Halo glowing around her head. She lost herself in the bright light as the Door Of Heaven opened and she entered with closed eyes and a peaceful smile on her face.

She was finally Home.

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