Manifesting a text message? Five signs it is on its way!

You may have read my earlier article on how to manifest a text message to someone specific and may have been manifesting a text message from a specific person. I keep getting a lot of comments and emails on success (as well as curious) stories on how people have successfully used the process and attained the message they had been waiting for.

Those who have been reading my work, know very well that I never write on anything I have never experienced. I have successfully manifested text messages from different people several times. The worst phase is the one in which you need to wait. Now I know you are not supposed to wait, but act as if it has already happened and detach with the outcome, but I am not afraid to confess that at times, despite creating and writing the process with my personal experience, I too get desperate and completely attached with the outcome. I keep thinking about why it is not happening, only to shake myself and realize I am not supposed to feel that way.

In most of the emails I receive from the readers of my blog, particularly those who have tried the process of manifesting a text message from someone specific – there is one common question – “how do I know ‘that’ text message is on its way?”

Of course there are hundreds of articles on signs that your manifestation is on its way, but I thought of doing something exclusively for letting you know that the specific text message from someone special is on its way. I meditated and went back into the memories of all those times I have successfully manifested specific texts from different people. Then, I made a note of all those and here I am… presenting the following five signs that prove that text you are manifesting is on its way:

  1. You are seeing their names everywhere: You may be manifesting a text message from someone named George Sherman; you are on Facebook and suddenly you read George or Sherman repeatedly, even though you are not focusing on the manifestation process or even thinking about it. Then, you walk out of your house and read the same name (doesn’t have to be the full name, but either the first of the last name) on an advertising board or hear someone calling out to someone of this name amidst the crowd. This is a major sign the person you are trying to manifest a text message from is actually thinking about you (or probably just typing that message right now).
  2. People from the past are coming back: I don’t know why this happens, but this is the most major sign I have noticed when someone specific you are manifesting is returning to you or your desired text message is close. I call these ‘ghosts from the past’ nothing but ‘distractions’. They are like toffies the Universe wants to lure you with and see how dedicated you are to get the real candy!
  3. You may get a text message from someone with the same name: No doubt you intend to manifest that text from George Sherman, but suddenly, your old friend George Hopkins (or Tammy Sherman) is now sending you a text and you jump from your seat when you read the name George, only to hold your horses back when you read the last name and realize it is not from the same person.
  4. Someone else may send you the EXACT same message you are manifesting: “Can we go out for a movie this Friday?” – if this is the message you have been manifesting from someone specific and all of a sudden another friend asks the exact same question to you, don’t be surprised. This is another strong sign that the Universe is listening and preparing you to master the art of Law of Attraction.
  5. You have a strong intuitive feeling that the message is coming: NO other sign is bigger than your gut feeling. If you feel like the message is on its way, then it definitely is. Keep that vibe alive and you never know… the moment you take your eyes off this article, you may be hearing your phone beep with that text message you have been trying to manifest from a specific person.

Out of the five signs mentioned above – which ones are you noticing right now? Do comment and share this post with others so that they can share their experience with you too!

OM Shiva OM Shakti ||

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