Law of Attraction’s Vortex: Something that I Believe in

Vortex in the Law of Attraction: What is it?

As promised in the earlier article, I am writing on Law of Attraction’s vortex.

law of attraction's vortex


But before I proceed with the meaning of Law of Attraction’s vortex, the first thing that I want to tell you is that I have absolutely no idea about what the book (The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles) says and what the others say; what I am about to tell you is something that I have realized and, over the time, understood.

Personally, I have always been extremely fond of Law of Attraction, even when the term didn’t practically exist. When I started believing in myself and what I wanted, I focused on losing weight. If you read my article on My Weight Loss Journey, you’d notice the way I have transformed myself. It took me a long time to understand that positive thoughts matter a lot and positive thoughts attract positive energy to you.


So what is Law of Attraction’s Vortex?

Before I answer that, it is necessary for you to know the actual meaning of vortex. Vortex is nothing but a whirling mass of air (or fluid). Ever seen a whirlpool or whirlwind? That’s a vortex.

In the world of Law of Attraction, vortex means the mass of energy that surrounds an individual. When you are happy, you get these amazing sensations dancing in every pore of your skin; when you are sad, you are dull and upset about everything and everyone you see. Your vortex depends upon how you feel and what you think.

I have seen various videos and read several articles on the meaning of Law of Attraction’s vortex, but I have a different opinion on what it is. For me, an individual can create and control his vortex.

Since Law of Attraction’s vortex is nothing but a balloon of energy, you can stuff it with as many positive affirmations, thoughts, feelings and emotions, as you want. All you have to do is stay positive, be in the highest vibration and do all that you can to sustain the energy. Once you know how to sustain the thought of your desire, you are in your vortex and that’s exactly where you need to be to get what you want.


law of attraction's vortex

You are in an elastic balloon and it is squeezing and suffocating you. This is because you are sad, upset and unable to fill the balloon with positive energies and thoughts. Replace the pain, the agony and the sadness with good happy and positive thoughts and start blowing the balloon. The moment you start doing it, you get rid of the suffocation and the squeezing. This is when you realize that your vortex is increasing and you are in the best of your energy. This is exactly what Law of Attraction’s vortex is.

In order to get what you want, start stuffing your vortex with positive affirmations and thoughts and free yourself from any negative thought that has been squeezing you. I believe in this because this is exactly how I feel. I keep filling the invisible balloon around me with positive thoughts and affirmations so that my vortex energy keeps increasing.

Creating your vortex is neither too hard nor too easy. Of course it is easy to say a few positive affirmations and try to be positive, but to sustain that feeling is a difficult task. You have to adopt it as a hobby and need to make it into a belief.

Yes… you need to create a belief that you can achieve all that you want to.

Remember – you not only have to create a Law of Attraction’s vortex, but also expand it to reach out to the Universe.

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