6 Reasons to Believe in Law of Attraction (change your life TODAY!)

6 Reasons to Believe in Law of Attraction (change your life TODAY!)

Law of Attraction has helped me more than anything else in my life. There was a time when I was surrounded by the same kind of people with similar stories; the most shocking thing was that they all betrayed me in the same manner. I have lost the closest friends in life, even though I later realized it all happened for good because they weren’t worth all that I did for them.

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When almost everyone I knew back stabbed me in some or the other way, it was time for me to return to my best friends – books.

I went to a bookstore (most of my books are from Crossword), purchased a few novels and inspiration books and returned home. After finishing a novel named In Too Deep (by Portia Da Costa), I started reading The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne).

There I was – awestruck – as I had an epiphany of attracting the wrong people in my life. I adopted the concept of Law of Attraction and my life changed for good.

‘Why to believe in Law of Attraction?’ you ask.

Well, I hope the following 6 reasons help you believe in this concept and enjoy its benefits:

law of attraction

  • Because even science believes in energies: If you don’t believe in energies, then why do you get goose bumps when you are in the extreme of a particular emotion? Energies exist. If you want positive energies, believe in them and you’d be surrounded by the light of The Creator.
  • Because Law of Attraction means no harm to anyone at all: Even if you don’t believe in this concept as of now, there’s no problem in trying it because it doesn’t do anything bad to you.
  • Because you go through what you attract: The more you crib about your life, the worse you face. The energies keep pulling you in the same old pit and this is what proves the existence of Law of Attraction.
  • Because you do feel happy when you adopt the concept: Adopting the concept of Law of Attraction is relieving yourself from negativity; you feel happy and reach the phase of tranquility in life.
  • Because Law of Attraction means being dedicated towards something you want: This concept teaches you to be dedicated towards something you want to achieve; make a wish, let the universe know what you want and feel like you already have it.
  • Because you don’t want to attract negative energies or people in life: Nobody wants more bullshit in life; each has his own to deal with! Law of Attraction helps you attract good energies and good people in life.

I think every individual must believe in the existence of law of attraction.

There are hundreds of benefits of adopting the concept and adding it into your life.

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