Signs From The Universe: 15 Signs That Law of Attraction is Working

Signs From The Universe: 15 Signs The Universe Is Listening

You have been manifesting your desire since quite some time now, but are totally unaware if the Universe is listening or not. I know that feeling. People desperately search for signs from the Universe, but are simply unable to understand. There was a time when I desperately searched for signs from the Universe. 

What was I expecting? Was I expecting the Universe to come down and tell me that my desires are being manifested? 

Of course I was being too naive. The Universe can’t come to me and tell me that my desires are being manifested. There were other ways in which it communicated; all I had to do was find those ways or signs from the Universe.

I did a lot of research, spent days and nights to find out how the Universe communicates when you are in your vibration or right at the center of your vortex. Then, I came up with a list of all those signs from the Universe that ensure you of being heard.

If you have been manifesting your desires, you surely want to read the following list of the top 15 signs from the Universe:

  1. The feathers in your way

    How many feathers have you been noticing your way? If suddenly, there are a lot of feathers falling on your head, be surprised; it is the Universe’s way to communicate with you. There are a lot of different colored feathers and they all have different meanings (I know I have to write a separate article on this and I promise I will, soon!). Personally, whenever I manifest something and surrender in the arms of the Universe, I get feathers as signs from the Universe.

  2. 11:11 Synchronicity:

    Did you know that 11:11 is a major sign that you are being heard? This is the time when you are in your highest vibration. If you are looking for some signs from the Universe, the best thing to remember is this time. Be careful of what you have going on in your mind. If something has been running in your head and you look at the clock and it’s 11:11, you are manifesting that thought.

  3. Popping up of a song that you can relate your desire to:

    You are asking for signs from the Universe and there’s a song that you can relate your situation to; bamn – that’s a sign and a very clear one! 

  4. Message on advertisement boards just when you want it:

    You close your eyes and ask whether the Universe is listening; you open your eyes and pass an advertisement board that says – I Am There – can the Universe give any better sign than this? This clearly indicates that you are being heard. Such signs from the Universe can tremble you.

  5. A sudden splash of breeze when it is least expected:

    There are times when you feel tranquility because of a sudden splash of breeze. The moment you feel this, look around – are the leaves moving? If not, then the breeze is an indication and one of the most wonderful signs from the Universe. Cherish this sign and enjoy the sensation!

  6. Good unexpected things happening most of the times in a day:

    Look for all the good things happening to you all the time; if the number of surprises has increased, it is a sign from the Universe that your prayer or desire is being worked upon.

  7. Animals visiting you to make you smile:

    How does your pet behave around you? What about the stray animals? If animals are behaving overly sweet with you, it is a sign that you are in your highest vibration. The Universe listens to you when you vibrate at your best.

  8. Your gut or instinct:

    If you personally feel that you are being heard by the Universe and your feeling is very strong, then, my darling, you are surely being heard.

  9. The ringing sensation in your ears:

    There is this constant ringing sensation in your ears; it is one of the best signs from the Universe. Every Chakra in your spine has a special sound. When you vibrate, or when a specific Chakra vibrates, it creates a sound. When the Universe reciprocates, you might hear the sound ringing in your ears.

  10. The dreams you’ve been getting recently:

    Keep a close check on your dreams – always search for dream interpretation of all those things that you see in your dreams. Remember what Cinderella once said –

    a dream is a wish your heart makes!

  11. Visit or call or message from a long lost friend:

    If you bump into a long lost friend and he says something to you, it may be one of the signs from the Universe that your desires are being manifested.

  12. Spiritual advice from someone you barely know:

    This person comes to you and starts giving you a spiritual advice – don’t be surprised – when the Universe can’t come down to talk to you or when you don’t notice the other signs from the Universe, this is how He (I address the Universe as ‘He’) starts talking to you.

  13. Feeling the sensation that someone’s watching you or listening to you:

    This happens a lot of times to those manifesting their desires. When you are constantly connected to the Universe, He keeps an eye on you.

  14. Repeated numbers:

    You notice a lot of 333, 444, 555 and other such repeated numbers all the time. Try finding different meanings of different repeated numbers and you’d be amazed to see how they are the signs from the Universe.

  15. Tingling sensation in one or all of your Chakras:

    Even if you have not done any Chakra alignment, tingling sensations are bound to happen when you are receiving signs from the Universe. Do not fear the sensations; simply enjoy them.

Now that you are aware about some of the most important and common signs from the Universe, go ahead and enjoy your process of manifestation. Hope you get what you are manifesting, soon!

Love and light!

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