Bird Feathers and Law of Attraction: Signs of Manifestation (quick note)

Bird Feathers and Law of Attraction: You Are Being HEARD!

And all this while, you thought those are just ‘bird feathers‘ and mean absolutely nothing at all.

If you have recently adopted the concept of Law of Attraction and have been seeing bird feathers all around you, there’s something you must know – your manifestations are being heard. At first, you might not get any feather at all.

bird feathers

With time, you develop a habit of manifesting different things (even though it is just one at a time). In fact, I’ve read that there are people who master the art of manifestation so much that they manifest their entire day.

And why not?

Manifestation is a beautiful process and when you keep doing it, it becomes easier for you to demand for every single thing that’s in your head. That’s exactly when you start receiving messages from the Universe. These messages are usually in the form of bird feathers (or so the followers of Law of Attraction believe). 

There was a time when I paid no attention to all those feathers that fell in my way; to be honest, I never found many bird feathers in the Veranda of my house. From the time I started manifesting my desires, I noticed that a lot of bird feathers fell in my way, were found at the doorstep of my house and even in the Veranda of my house. These days, I have been seeing a lot of feathers because I have been manifesting several things (even though it is just one thing at a time). So I started collecting these feathers.

When did I find my last feather?

In the morning, today. It was a wonderful black and white feather. I have started collecting bird feathers whenever I get them. Soon, I will be posting pictures of all the feathers that I have, with their meanings. Different colored bird feathers have different meanings.

The reason I am writing this quick note is because a lot of people emailed me and asked – “Bhairavi, how do I know if the Universe is listening to my manifestation, or desires, or not?

Well, this is the answer to all those who asked the question – you can’t expect the whole Universe to come down to see you and say that it is listening to your desires, but it can surely send signs. Look for signs. Bird feathers are one of them.

The Conversation with the Universe:

bird feathers

In fact, there are different ways in which the Universe converses with you. Unless your mind is calm and the ears within you are open, it is impossible for you to hear the sounds. Meditate more (but make sure you are eating well along with meditating as it feasts on your energy). Try to be calm, believe in the concept of Law of Attraction, listen more, surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people and create a stronger vortex of affirmations. Once you believe in your every single desire, you are bound to find a lot of bird feathers in your way. Keep collecting them if you want to; that’s exactly what I do.

There are also a lot of people who get into Law of Attraction bird feather experiment, in which they test the concept. They manifest a bird feather. For an instance, if you have never tried the concept of Law of Attraction, you can go ahead and imagine a bird feather. If you want it to be a distinctive one, imagine a blue or a red or a green or a purple or any colored feather. Keep manifesting it. Believe that you are going to get it. Believe that there are a lot of bird feathers in that specific color. Ask for it from the Universe. Release your desire into the hands of the Universe (or into the Third Eye of the universe).

Now open your eyes and get into the details of the feather.

If you are good at sketching, sketch it. Find out how you want it to look. Every day, keep looking at the sketch of the feather and keep believing in it. In a few days, the Universe is going to give that exact feather to you.

Don’t believe me? Check on the internet. You’d be amazed to see how many people have received multi-colored feathers, just because they manifested the pretty things.

I hope the next time you see bird feathers, they bring smiles to your face. I am surely going to write another article on signs that the Universe is listening to your manifestation or desires. 

Love and light!

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