Manifesting a text from someone specific!

You may have tried manifesting a text from someone specific and it may not have been successful, yet. Some of you may have felt desperate, while the others may have simply given up. I don’t know whether you belong to the former group or the latter one. However, what I know is the feeling you are going through right now. I have been through it. At times, I still go through it.

Of course you have read hundreds of articles and seen thousands of videos on manifesting a text from someone specific. But attaining success in this is not an easy task. Or this is what my belief is, because I have tried doing it several times and have succeeded only a couple of times. Also, let me not forget mentioning the time I have spent in waiting patiently.

But there are a few things that I have learned while manifesting a text from someone specific. I would want to share these things with you.

Firstly, you must know that it is POSSIBLE for you to manifest a text from someone you want to hear from. I don’t know why you are not ready to to contact this person first. Maybe you don’t want to bend down again, maybe you are tired of texting first or maybe you have been ghosted. Maybe you walked off from this person because he didn’t show much interest in you, but now you have realized your love for him or her. No matter what the reason is – the good news is that you can influence the Universe’s energy to make this person text you. I am not saying this to pacify you in any way, but to make you believe that you surely can. I have manifested texts from different people in my life. In fact, I have been successful in manifesting a text from someone specific almost all the times. Nevertheless, the timings have been different.

Secondly, you have to understand that it is not an overnight process. Even if it is, this is not one of my beliefs. If you believe you can do this on the spot, maybe you really can. But for that too, you have to work on changing your beliefs. You have to ensure that you believe that the moment you manifest a message from this specific person, you get what you want. But in order to have such a belief, you have to work on it. You have to meditate and make sure your subconscious mind BELIEVES in this BELIEF. If you don’t know what I mean, maybe it is time for you to read my article on “how to understand your belief system?

Thirdly, you have to understand the process of manifestation. You may have manifested a few things before. After all, it is as simple as – ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE. But the key of manifestation is patience. If you are too desperate to manifest a text message from this specific person, you are actually manifesting the desperation in the universe. That’s not your intention. Your intention is to manifest your intention and your intention should not be desperation. You intention has to be this specific person’s text message.

Fourthly, there is something called “let go.” Now this is where I lack. I admit and confess to all my readers. When I want something, despite believing in my manifestation with all my heart and not being desperate, I find it difficult to let go. I pick my phone ten times and check whether this specific person has sent me a text. even if someone else’s phone rings, I think that it’s mine. That’s where I am unable to manifest my desire in the correct manner. However, when I am not doing this, I receive the text message from the person.

I am going to write a whole new article on how you can work on manifesting a text message from someone specific.

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