Kundalini Awakening: 10 Ways to Prepare yourself for Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Awakening: How to Prepare yourself for Kundalini Meditation?

More than half of the people on our planet leave their physical bodies without even finding the purpose of their existence on Earth. Since people are busy building their lives, they forget experiencing the connection between their spirit and their materialistic existence. Kundalini awakening is often connected to sexuality of an individual. I have been practicing meditation of different kinds and I believe that Kundalini meditation is much more than that. It is something that one must experience at least once in his life. Once he experiences Kundalini awakening, he gets addicted to his inner-self and improves his life.

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The world, the very same planet, seems like a much better and comfortable place to live in. People around you start behaving in a different and positive manner. No matter where you go, you are welcomed with a smile. Your loved ones try to stay in touch with you and care for you just the way you care for them. You feel your vibrations and emit vibrating energies. In fact, you become a ball of vibrating energies. This is the beauty of Kundalini awakening. And of course, let’s not forget it balances your sexual energy as well. Your relationship improves and you feel closer to your partner. Kundalini awakening improves the spiritual connection between you and your partner.


But what is Kundalini awakening?

Kundalini awakening is the activation of your Kundalini energy. One of the ways in which you can activate your Kundalini energy is through Kundalini meditation.

Where does this Kundalini energy lie?

It lies at the base of your spine. Touch the base of your spine and you will feel a small ball-like object. I think you call it the tip of the tailbone. That’s exactly where your Kundalini energy lies and waits for you to understand its existence. The surprising thing about this energy is that it never emphasizes on its existence, unless you realize its hidden presence. Every individual has the energy, but it is not in the activated mode. I believe those, who do not get into the process of Kundalini awakening allow the energy to sleep all throughout their lives.

What happens in Kundalini awakening?

The moment you begin with your Kundalini meditation is the moment when you start igniting the energy. I use the word ‘ignite’ because that’s how the process begins. At first, you just sit there with absolutely nothing happening in any part of your body and then after a few moments (depending upon your level of concentration and efforts), you have this ball of energy vibrating at the base of your spine, all set to take the shape of a snake.

However, you are unafraid of this reptile, even if it scares you in the waking world. Your conscience accepts this wonderful flow of energy and when it is ready, the ball moves to the other Chakras in your spine, opening all the seven Chakras. Just when the ball reaches your crown Chakra, you feel like there’s a snake running through your spine. There comes a time when your spine transforms itself into a snake-like object and you feel the flow of energy increase and decreasing its pace.

All this while, I thought I had done the best to get the most of my Kundalini awakening meditation. Just when I was researching about this beautiful energy, I found out that what I experienced and have been experiencing is nothing but what the beginners experience. There is such a long way to go.

If you are planning to go for the meditation of Kundalini awakening, there are a few things that you need to do first. You have to prepare yourself for this process.

Ensure to do the following 10 things before you start with Kundalini awakening:


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  • Rise with the sun and watch the beautiful sight: Being a creative person myself, it was difficult for me to rise with the sun as that was the time I mostly went to sleep. However, in order to tap my spiritual side, I did it for a few days. If you want to get into Kundalini awakening, ensure to rise and witness the rise of the sun. Let the energy flow down to your solar plexus.
  • Meditate under the light of the full moon and invite the energy into your spine: Moon energy is as important as the sun energy; ensure to meditate, or at least stand, in the light of the moon and imagine the energy traveling from your crown Chakra down to your root Chakra.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for the experience: There are a lot of people who fear the experience of Kundalini awakening. You have to accept this meditation with all your heart and only then you will enjoy its essence.
  • Do not fear what lies within you: If articles on dangers of meditation scare you, try overcoming those fears.
  • Believe in your power and in the power of your spine: Kundalini energy, or the Shakti, is awakened only if you believe in the power you possess and in the power that your spine has.

Here are the other five…

  • Increase the intake of water: Kundalini awakening drains you, even if you have just begun your journey.Image result for kundalini spine Ensure to drink a lot of water a few days before you wish to start with the process.
  • Eat healthy food and pause the consumption of meat for a few days: Eat salads and green leafy vegetables to detox yourself from within and improve your concentration power.
  • Add two tablespoons of sea salt and bathe with it the day you plan to start with your Kundalini awakening journey: Bathing with sea salt brings a lot of positive energy into your life.
  • If someone tries to make fun of you or discourage you, simply smile: ‘Don’t make fun of those who make fun of you; it would only make you one of them.’ Instead, smile and pray that they realize what they are missing.
  • Accept yourself and perform breathing exercises to strengthen the inner you: The more you practice breathing exercises, the better you feel while meditation and during Kundalini awakening.

Soon, I am going to write an article on Kundalini awakening meditation. Till then, keep preparing yourself for the journey. You can also do Kundalini Yoga before your Kundalini awakening journey.

Happy Meditating.

Love and Light.


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