The Linga Meditation: Let Us Open The Third Eye

If you meet a few people and they seem spiritually enlightened to you, it is because they have an activated and aligned Third Eye. It is the sixth chakra and is located on the forehead, right between your eyebrows. No matter how many people try to place their finger and let you know about your Ajna or Third Eye chakra, you are unable to locate it, unless you meditate and activate it all on your own. While some people feel the sensations right between the brows, there are others that feel it a little above, in the middle of their forehead. Nevertheless, the activation, cleansing, balancing, and alignment of this chakra can develop psychic abilities in a person and provide them with legit intuitions.

Meaning of Linga:

The word Linga stands for “form.” It is a divine object made of light grey colored slate stone. It has the capacity to produce electricity. In order to keep it intact, a fine coat of paste made out of special ingredients is used. This paste belongs to the color of the Third Eye, Indigo, which is none other than the beautiful color of Shiva, the creator. If you look at the pictures of Lord Shiva, you notice that his Third Eye is exactly in the shape of the Linga that is used to boost the Third Eye Chakra.

In most of the villages in different parts of the Southern sections of India, the Linga is made from mud. After the completion of the process of the Third Eye, it is destroyed. While some people use the same mud to re-create the shape and practice the Third Eye meditation again, the others believe in using new and fresh mud all the time they get into the process of the meditation.

Linga meditation uses the concept of Trataka meditation, in which constant focusing on an object (or the flame of a candle) is mandatory.

Linga Meditation – ‘A Hymn To The Third Eye’:

Benefits Of Linga Meditation:

Before we explain to you the process of Linga meditation, it is necessary for you to learn the benefits of the practice:

  • Your Third Eye chakra is not only activated, but your pineal gland is tapped as well: If you are a strong believer in the concept of “like attracts like” (Law of Attraction), your pineal gland needs to be explored. Linga is the key to your pineal gland.
  • This meditation develops intuitive abilities: If you want to know about your, or someone else’s, future, Linga meditation can do miracles in your life. It is a must for tarot readers, psychics, and spiritual healers. It brings you closer to the person you are performing a reading for since your Third Eye is activated and you can look into the future (and even past) of your clients.
  • Your concentration skills develop: If you lack focusing skills, this is the only meditation that can do justice to you. With the help of Linga meditation, you can concentrate on anything and everything that you want. This practice is safe for children.
  • This meditation brings you closer to the Lord that you believe in: if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva or believe in his contribution as the Creator of the Universe, Linga meditation is something that you have to practice. It makes you feel closer to Shiva.
  • You feel spiritually enlightened after a regular practice of this meditation: After performing and practicing this meditation, your spirit awakens. Your other chakras can be aligned in a much better way when your Third Eye chakra is activated and balanced.

The Process of Linga Meditation:

Here’s a step-by-step process of how to perform Linga meditation:

  • The Linga is placed on the palm of your left hand. You need to raise your hand in order to bring it between your eyebrows.
  • Above your left shoulder, you are expected to place a candle so that the coating of the Linga shines and the Indigo color is adapted by your eyes.
  • Now, you need to begin focusing on the Linga. However, you have to keep your eyes half-closed. Without blinking even once, you have to look at the Linga constantly. Your gaze should be fixed. You have to accept the indigo color of Linga and allow it to enter into your Third Eye chakra. You have to feel the indigo energy swiftly enlightening your Third Eye chakra.
  • After a few minutes, you have to close your eyes. The image of the Linga is automatically placed at the center of your eyebrows, right in your Third Eye chakra, activating it.
  • You have to allow the sensations to take place and slowly leave your body back to its comfort zone. At first, activation of the Third Eye may cause a little discomfort since it is directly associated with the pineal gland. However, within the few minutes, the sensations settle down and all you are left with is the beauty of Linga meditation.

If you want to experience tranquility, I encourage you to focus on what’s within you. Like the wise say – “all the answers to your questions lie right inside of you.”

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