Why do I cry when I meditate? Why does Meditation make me Cry?

Experiences with Meditation: Crying While Meditating

Meditation has always been the best thing that has ever happened to me. While most of the people hold the hand of this wonderful journey after the age of 30 or after a few terrible experiences in their lives, I started meditating regularly right after I graduated from college; I think I was 21. Of course I didn’t understand the concept as much as I do now, but the experience had always been wonderful. However, there is one thing I always wondered when I started with deep meditation – I often cried (and still do) when I meditated. The question why do I cry when I meditate‘ always bothered me.

I thought it happened only with me until…

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A few days ago while meditating with a friend, I realized she was in tears, too. Everything was going well when we started meditating, but by the end of the process, there she was drenched in tears. Even though her eyelids rested peacefully on her eyes, her tears could barely stop. When she completed her journey and came back to her conscious self, I couldn’t stop myself from asking why she cried. She had no answer. For a moment, she was speechless. I thought she was taking time to come back to her normal self. Even after 30 minutes, she could barely answer my question. In fact, she shared that she generally cries while meditating. Even though I didn’t cry while meditating that night, I usually do when I go deep into myself. The question why do I cry when I meditate still kept ringing in my head.

Finally, I decided to analyze the connection between crying and meditating. The question ‘why do I cry when I meditate’ is widely asked in several online forums, groups and pages. In fact, several people approached me with a hope to get an answer for why they cry when they meditate. It was like the whole Universe wanted me to learn about the connection.

I decided to research and so I did.

After analyzing and reading several articles and answers for the question ‘why do I cry when I meditate’, I came up with a bunch of reasons. I would like to share them with you.

Meditation focuses on cleansing you from within and thus, you cry:

When I constantly focused on why do I cry when I meditate, I realized that it is because I cleanse my soul when I am meditating. Crying is an emotion that helps you let go of all those fears, negative energies and cluttered factors that have been stressing you. While meditating, you actually clean the clutter and gain enough strength to focus on reaching a state where everything seems perfectly normal.

You cry because all the suppressed feelings that you have are brought into light why do I cry when I meditatewhen you meditate:

A child doesn’t know how to behave in front of others. He doesn’t have to carry ten faces to protect his true-self. As he grows, he realizes how important it is for him to deal differently with different people. When he is 20, he is not expected to behave the way he did when he was 10. He is expected to be more matured, satisfied and controlled. Along with maturity comes suppression. He starts suppressing his true-self and emotions. Thus, when he meditates, the suppressed emotions come out and that’s the exact answer to your question – why do I cry when I meditate.

Since meditation encourages self-love, it brings you to tears:

When was the last time you looked into the mirror and appreciated yourself for all the wonderful things you’ve tirelessly been doing? Do you remember saying ‘I Love You’ to yourself? Self-worth and self-love are two important, yet least used and understood, concepts. When and as you get into deep meditation, you start loving yourself because unless you love yourself, it is impossible for you to love others.

You imagine what you want to see and feel in your conscious self and thus, you cry:

Focus on what you imagine when you meditate. Personally, I do different types of manifestations. Sometimes, I manifest my soulmate, the other times I manifest what I want to achieve in my career. While manifesting, I meditate. When I meditate, I imagine achieving the thing that I am manifesting. Thus, the answer to my question ‘why do I cry when I meditate’ is that the result makes me cry. No doubt I feel good about what I am imagining, the tears are of the high hopes I have from my life. Unless you have a hope, you can never have dreams and unless you have a dream, you can’t say that you have high hopes from your life!

The stress that you have been managing all this while comes out in the form of tears:

Every person has his own story, his own journey. Despite having thousands of friends on Facebook, hundreds of followers on Twitter and a list full of friends, you are alone in your sorrows. No doubt a few of them are there for you when you are in need, but you can’t share every single problem with others. You know that they have their own share of problems that torments them. When you meditate, you cry because all those sorrows that you have been hiding from others and keeping to yourself come out of your body. Since your spirit wishes to cleanse itself, it throws all the things that have been overflowing you and draining your energy.

You attain the stage of wisdom, happiness and peace while meditating and hence, you break down into tears:

Your Higher Self is your best, rawest and purest form. When you encounter the better you, peace surrounds you and when that happens, you are left with nothing but happiness. In order to make space for tranquility in your heart, your spirit, the Higher Self, vents out the sorrows that have been over-burdening you. Thus, the answer to your question ‘why do I cry when I meditate’ is that you vent out all the sorrows and stress that have been suffocating you from a long period of time.

I hope the above mentioned reasons answer the question that you have been asking all this while. The next time you meditate and tears flow out of your eyes, do not panic; don’t try to control them. Trust me when I say this – millions of people meditate and thousands of people cry. Instead of panicking, the best thing to do is breathe, relax and enjoy the emotions, even if you are simply crying.

Love and light!

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