Are You Sensually Awakened To Be Spiritual?

What thoughts do you have related to spirituality? What does the term mean to you? What do you think you need to do in order to call yourself a spiritually awakened person?

Spirituality has several meanings. I always say different people define this term in different ways. However, there is something that most of the people have realized now – in order to know your spirit, you first have to know your body. This is because your soul is silently residing in the body you have been blessed with. While a lot of saints earlier thought that one has to stay on an empty stomach, kill all the sexual feelings and detach from the bodily needs to awaken the spirit, the concept has totally changed now. Most of the people have discovered certain food items that help in activating your chakras, believe in enlightening their sexual side and meet people to exchange their energy in the form of intimacy. The more you get intimate with the right person, the stronger your bond grows.

Please don’t roll your eyes thinking I am promoting sex or one night stands here; in fact, I do not understand the idea of one night stands or so called flings. I have always believed in love, sensuality and intimacy with just one person. However, if the things don’t progress as expected and if the relationship ends mutually, it does not mean you have to stay in touch with your toxic feelings. You can always heal yourself and let love happen to you all over again.

So what do I mean by connecting sensuality with spirituality?

It is simple. When you are in love with one person and when you get intimate with him, you are in a different world altogether. Your body has certain needs, just like your spirit does. When you are in the midst of making love, there is a ball of energy surrounding the two of you. It is like making love in the middle of a transparent ball of energy. Half of this ball is filled with your energy and the other half is filled with his. The closer you are and the longer you take to make love, the stronger this circle of energy gets. You exchange every single part of your energy with each other. This sort of connection is possible only when you have truly found your soulmate. Soulmates are bound to enter, leave and reenter into your life. All you can do is just watch them come and go and return to you since they would never find peace with anyone else, just like you wouldn’t, either. In the end, soulmates are bound to be together, come what may.

So how do you awaken your sensuality?

The first and the most important thing you need to do is explore yourself. Find out what are the most sensuous parts of your body. Different individuals have different sensitive parts that, when touched, turn them on. For an instance, I know a few women who get turned on when someone caresses their hair; there are also a few male friends of mine who get turned on by mere random touches on his shoulders. It all depends upon what your sensual parts are. Tickle yourself, embrace your body and rise the feelings of sensuality in you. If sex is your weakness, make it your strength. Use your sexual energy to manifest your dreams. Nothing can have more power than this.

The second thing you need to do is learn about Tantric meditation. I am surely going to write a complete post on this meditation, but just to give you a gist of it – it is a method with the help of which you awaken your sexual desires and transform them into your strength. You neither surrender, nor retaliate against your desires. It is a journey and not a destination.


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