Why Choosing Erotic Genre was NEVER a Mistake!

Why Choosing Erotic Genre was NEVER a Mistake!

‘Why erotic genre?’

‘What a shame for a woman to write on a subject that’s so intricate and private!’

‘Are you SERIOUS?!’

‘What will the world think about you? Have you ever thought about it?’

‘Why do you want to get into a subject that’s meant to be kept in the bedroom?’

‘Will people like your books on such a delicate topic?’

‘You are going to write about SEX!’

The above mentioned questions and expressions are 100% real; when I picked up my pen and created my very first erotic story, I didn’t know I was doing some sort of a ‘sin.’ People ran up to me and asked whether it is okay for a woman to write on sex, which is quite a ‘private’ thing and is meant to be kept within the four walls of the bedroom. I didn’t know how to react; nonetheless, the expressions did make me feel like I was making some sort of a blunder.

‘What will the people think of me?’

The question kept ringing in my mind; it kept haunting me. The more I wrote, the more it ate me. One day, I was sitting at a coffee house with a mug in my hands; that was the time when I had this epiphany‘what if E. L James never wrote 50 Shades of Grey? The world would have missed out on something really big, bold and beautiful.’ That was the time when I realized I shouldn’t stop and continue with the book. It was something I wanted to do by choice; I had stories that were worth writing.

With trembling hands, I launched the e-book of Mind Cuffed in 2015 and in a few days, I had not only sold several copies, but also received various fan e-mails. That was the time I realized writing erotica was no big deal; I was appreciated; I was loved; Mind Cuffed was welcomed with open arms.

Now, I have introduced my second novel named The Abyssal Secrets, which is again a romantic-erotica and has received a warm welcome, too.

I am thankful to the rom-erotica genre`, which not only made me an expressive author, but also helped me in gaining attention of the Indian readers throughout the globe.

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