Weight Loss Solar Plexus Activation

Weight Loss Solar Plexus Activation

If you have no idea about and have never searched for weight loss solar plexus activation, losing weight is surely one of the most difficult tasks. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to get rid of those ugly stubborn fats, you are just not able to. You diet, eat less, workout, go for morning walks, cut down on your beverages and do everything that you can, but that flabby belly or those thunder thighs make you feel pathetic when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Weight Loss Solar Plexus Activation

What if I say there is a simple way to lose weight and get in shape?

Nope; none of the diet pill companies have paid me to promote them here, but I am here to share the things that I do to maintain myself. I am sure most of you must have read my article that covered my journey of losing more than 30kgs. In order to lose weight, you just have to take out 30 minutes, sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and meditate.

Yes, I am going to talk about weight loss solar plexus activation because meditation helps in losing weight. There are seven Chakras in your body and once you activate them, they help you kick off all the negative energies that you have. In the world of spirit, your fats are nothing but negative energies.

Most of the people are terribly upset about their belly fats. Trust me – I know how it feels!

But don’t you worry at all – read the steps mentioned below for weight loss solar plexus activation:

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  • After cleaning your hands, face and feet with water, sit in a quiet place where you are not disturbed for the next 30 minutes. Set an alarm for 30 minutes. Timing is very important for weight loss solar plexus activation.
  • You can always rub your favorite fragranced oil on your wrists to have a spiritual fragrance all around you while meditating. You can also light a few candles. Use golden dimmed lights to set the right mood for this beautiful process.
  • Loosen your hair and keep your spine as straight as you can.
  • Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for four seconds and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this four to five times.
  • Now close your eyes and imagine a small yellow dot. The dot slowly comes closer to you and you realize that it’s a big ball of fire. As the ball comes closer to you, it turns into the burning sun. If you feel some sort of sensations, you are doing it right for weight loss solar plexus activation.


Now Let’s Start with the Imagination Part:

  • Imagine the beautiful sun moving down from the back of your eyes to your nose, slowly moving to your Image result for solar plexus flat bellythroat, the chest and reaching an inch above your belly button. That’s your Solar Plexus. Imagine the burning sun releasing its heat and energies on the Solar Plexus, healing it, but burning away all the negative energies that have been cluttering on your belly. Imagine your belly coming back to its normal size. Try imagining yourself with a flat belly. Weight loss solar plexus activation works miraculously if you imagine yourself in the desired shape.
  • Feel the vibration. If you are doing it right, you might also get a ‘heat’ like sensation on your belly. Imagine the heat melting down your fats and shaping you just the way you want to.
  • Continue imagining the melting process until the alarm rings.
  • As you open your eyes, imagine the ball of energy diminishing away.
  • Do this every day, at least once, and if you are doing it correctly, you’ll notice the change in as less as 10 days. You will love the journey of weight loss solar plexus activation.

Along with the above process, make sure you eat right and in time.

I wish you good luck for this wonderful experience of weight loss solar plexus activation.

Love and Light.

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