Meditation Benefits – What Does Meditation do to YOU?

Meditation Benefits – What Does Meditation do to YOU?

I don’t have a lot of close friends, but the ones that I do are generally quite spiritual, even though they don’t know about it themselves. Being spiritual does not mean you have to visit a mosque, temple or church every day, it doesn’t even mean that you need to meditate every morning; being spiritual means understanding your values of being a human. No doubt those who know about the meditation benefits ensure to meditate every day, even if you don’t do it on a regular basis, it is completely okay.

Before understanding the meditation benefits, understand the meaning of spiritualism:

meditation benefits

If you feel the pain of others, if you understand the soul of others, if you think about the reactions of others to your every action and you put others before you put yourself, you are more spiritual than all those, who leave their shelters and meditate for days together. After all, being spiritual means developing Your Higher Self; who can be greater than an empath?

Spiritualism believes in the existence of spirits; it believes in the existence of the seven Chakras in your body and connects you to your Higher Self.

No – I am not talking about the wanna-be-empaths, who try showing off their sympathy and get influenced by your moods; they can never reap the meditation benefits; I am talking about those, who always stand by your side, even when you don’t tell them a word. They are the real spiritual people.

When I generally converse with a few of my friends and we talk about meditation, the first question that they ask me is – what does meditation do to you?

Here are the top five meditation benefits you must know:

meditation benefits

  • It relaxes every part of your body: When you meditate, you ensure that every part of your body is relaxed. Unless you work on your strained muscles, you can’t relax yourself.
  • It makes you even more spiritual: If you are an empath already, meditation gives you a chance to be more spiritual. Not only you begin understanding people more, but you understand your very own desires and needs as well; it allows you to learn your purpose of being in the body that you are currently in. This is one of the best meditation benefits.
  • It gives you power for limitless imagination: Imagination is the key to success; the more you imagine, the easier it is for you to build your future. Meditation makes imagination possible.
  • It is a major part of Law Of Attraction (LOA): If you are aware about the concept of LOA, you surely know the importance of imagination. Like I mentioned earlier, to make your imagination your reality, you have to practice meditation.
  • It helps in pain management: I have mentioned about my grandfather in an earlier post as well; he was an amazing man. He always taught me the importance of meditation. I was told that it helps in bearing pain as well. I have personally experienced this. Meditation completely relaxes my body by treating the pain.

Now that you know what meditation does to you and what are the meditation benefits, go ahead and try it all by yourself.

Here’s a video I made with 10 quotes I wrote on meditation; I hope this motivates you to go deep into yourself:

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