What is the sub-conscious mind?

‘Let us explore the question what is the sub-conscious mind?’

First of all, thank you so much for all those emails that you all have been sending to me, even though I have not been much active here. I have been running around and doing a lot of things these days and thus, I haven’t been getting time to write here. But I am going to make sure that I take out at least a few minutes and write on the topics that people want to read from my pen.

Just when I was going through the emails from my readers, there was this one email that had a very innocent question – ‘Bhairavi, I have always been fascinated with the articles on the sub-conscious mind; can you please tell me what is it and how can we tap into it?’

I smiled, as soon as I read the question – not at the ignorance of the one who asked it, but at the ignorance of each one of us. In fact, the one who asked this question is not ignorant, but I am the ignorant one here, since I never talked about the sub-conscious mind, even though I have been running this blog for quite some time now.

So what is the sub-conscious mind?

It is that part of your mind which is barely tapped, even though it is always active. In fact, your conscious mind goes off to sleep with you, but your sub-conscious mind keeps working and recording everything just like the CCTV cameras all around you. When you ask what is the sub-conscious mind‘ to me, all I can say is that it is that specific part which is not understood by all, even though it exists in each one of us.

Sometimes, we may not understand and accept a particular thing, consciously, but our sub-conscious mind knows it very well.

For an instance – imagine you are in love with someone and you are obsessed with her; she is far above your reach and she barely knows of your existence. To get her, you either have to increase your level and be worthy of her love or simply let her go, if she is unapproachable. Somewhere, your sub-conscious mind knows that you are not worthy of her status and her love, but your conscious mind doesn’t understand this and thus, tries to obsess you with her images in your mind. The day you accept what your sub-conscious mind tells you is the day when you can improve yourself, work hard to reach her level and finally get her in your life, without obsessing with her.

Now here’s something really tricky about your sub-conscious mind –

Your conscious mind is built and developed by the rules and regulations of the society, the norms that you have grown up with and the principles that you have created for your life. On the other hand, your sub-conscious mind is a free bird. It doesn’t know what is wrong and what is right. When you develop a belief and work on achieving something by filling it in your sub-conscious mind, it helps you get it.

Your Subconscious Mind is a Baby!

You have to treat your sub-conscious mind like a baby – you have to believe that you can reach out to it and train it, just the way you want to. Your consciousness has got everything to do with your brain, but your sub-conscious mind has got everything to do with your ‘mind.’

If I have answered the question ‘what is the sub-conscious mind‘ correctly, you may want to know about the entire process to tap this ‘other dimension’ of yourself. Tapping into your sub-conscious mind is a journey in itself, which I will share in another article.

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