Astral Projection – Your Guide to Out of Body Experiences!

Astral Projection – Let Us Learn To Fly!

How many of you have been wondering about the concept of astral projection?

Those who are into meditation are amazed about the incredibility of the power of the human mind. Those who have never experienced the journey of traveling within their body believe that meditation is all about calming and resting your brain. Let no one tell you that meditation is a game of your brain; in fact, there are a lot of different types of meditation in which you literally have to trick your brain in order to work with your mind. One of such meditations is the astral projection.

What is astral projection?

astral projection

If you have been meditating from a long period of time, you surely know that sensation when you feel like something is about to come out of your body and you wake up with a sudden jerk. That’s exactly how the process of astral projection begins.

In astral projection or astral travel, a soul detaches from its body and travels wherever the individual wants it to. When you get into the process of astral projection, you are literally able to see your body sleeping or sitting in the position of meditation.

It is not necessary that only those who meditate can experience astral projection; there are a lot of people who know nothing about meditation, but go through astral projection experiences. I personally know someone who traveled in his house and woke up only to realize that he was sleeping. The reason he knows he wasn’t just dreaming is because he saw his mother doing exactly the same thing in the kitchen that he had seen when he was in his ‘out of body’ experience.

However, those who unknowingly go through astral projection experiences do not really like their journey. On the other hand, those who willingly leave their body and come out of it to explore the other side of the universe experience positive results. One has to be extremely careful in leaving the boundaries of his body as not every astral projection experience is blissful. Some people have gone through terrible experiences with astral projection.

If you are all set to experience astral projection meditation, the first and the most important thing that you need to do is be prepared.

Prepare yourself for…

  • Experiencing something that’s totally unelievable
  • Going on a journey that would be both, exciting and eerie
  • Doing something that takes days and nights of practice to master
  • Experiencing something that the others would not believe
  • Achieving something that might happen only once in your life

astral projection

I have personally done astral projection meditation quite a few times, but I have had out of body experiences only thrice. During the experiences, I couldn’t control the spirit. The only thing I remember is looking at my body in a sitting position (once) and the other two times in the sleeping position. Now that you are ready to experience the journey of astral projection, here is a step by step process to do it. (Please note that you need to be patient and believe that you can do it; most of the times, the body starts fearing being out of control and you shake and wake up; that’s exactly the time when you need to overcome the fears and believe that your spirit is actually leaving its boundaries):

Find a proper place to get into the process of astral projection 

This process may sound scary or spooky, but if you do it right, there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. The first thing that you need to do is go to a room where you won’t be bothered. If you are scared of performing this meditation at night, try doing it during the daytime.

Set the temperature right and wear comfortable (preferably cotton and loose) clothes

Unless your body is comfortable, your spirit won’t come out of it. You have to go to a lucid state for which the temperature needs to be perfect. Wear comfortable clothes.

Ensure to set the mood

If you are doing this in the daytime, you might not need bright lights and candlelight. Let the natural light gently flow into your room and help you with your first ever astral projection

Lie down, or sit with your backbone straight, and close your eyes

You can choose the position you want to be in. Sit, lie down, do whatever you want to, but ensure to be as comfortable as possible.

Focus on your breathing pattern

Your breathing pattern is important in any kind of meditation. In astral projection, you need to breathe deeply to your Third Eye Chakra and cleanse it.

Now start relaxing yourself and ‘let go’ of all the thoughts you have in your head

Relax yourself, but maintain your consciousness. Most of the people sleep during this step and fail in astral projection Try reminding your brain that you are hypnotizing yourself and thus, you are not allowed to sleep.

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Develop a parallel body

Now start imagining that you have a parallel body. Imagine you have a body that’s slowly rising from the existence of your physical being.

Without moving your physical body, visualize that your hands, legs, fingers and head are moving just the way you want them to

You don’t have to move your physical body; try controlling the body that you have developed through your mind. Remember – astral projection is the game of your mind. You have to trick your brain and use your mind that controls your spirit.

Focus on your Third Eye Chakra and imagine leaving your body (believe that your physical body is tucked wonderfully in your bed, or sitting on the floor, and you are safe and sound)

DO NOT FEAR when you start focusing on your Third Eye Chakra and imagine your spirit leaving your body. If you wake up during this step, reward yourself for being so close to experiencing astral projection.

Experience the floating sensation

Your body might vibrate, repel, go numb, but it is all normal. Everybody experiencing astral projection has a different experience. Enjoy what you go through is all that I can say.

Remember one thing… no matter what happens… DO NOT ITCH YOUR NOSE! 

This may sound funny to you but most of the people break their astral projection state because they have this itchy sensation on their nose. It is the trick of the brain to wake you up so trick it in return by not itching your nose!

Please make sure that you do not go for astral projection meditation after…

  • Watching horror, violent, thriller or scary movies
  • Reading something that has upset you
  • Listening to music that has ignited the emotion of ‘fear’ in you
  • A long and tiring day at work

I would love to hear your astral projection experiences so make sure you share those with me either by sending me an email or commenting in the box below.

Love and light!

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