Daily Positive Affirmations: 10 Things You Must Say EVERYDAY!

Daily Positive Affirmations: What You Think Is What You Become!

While some say the concept of Law Of Attraction is hyped, the others say that the concept has actually changed their lives. I belong to the latter category because the concept has miraculously changed my life. Like I always say, I adopted the concept of welcoming positive energies way before the book The Secret was introduced. No doubt I learned more with the help of this book and it changed my life even more, but I had already begun speaking and thinking positive words. Most importantly, I acted in a positive way. I knew I was attracting energies of some kind with all the things I spoke. Thus, I believed in speaking and doing good. That’s exactly what daily positive affirmations mean.

What are daily positive affirmations for people?

daily positive affirmations

Some people have lesser knowledge about the concept of daily positive affirmations. They think that they only need to maintain a journal, write a few good things that happen to them or things that they are thankful for and then leave the book just the way it is.

Then there is also a particular group that believes in speaking the daily positive affirmations on a regular basis. I am a person who would never call you wrong because it is not necessary what works for me would work for you or what doesn’t work for you would never work for me either. I believe every person is self-sufficient to develop a theory, a concept or a process that has the potential power to do wonders in his life.

However, if you have been trying to tap the power of daily positive affirmations, but are unable to do so, then I can feel your frustration. It is like you have read so many things on Law of Attraction, daily positive affirmations and the power of positive thinking that you are all set to achieve this goal, but are totally unable to. You know that there is your goal, this is your path, but you are simply unable to walk on it.

Do you know why you are unable to achieve that goal which is right in front of your eyes?

Because somewhere, you are unable to manifest the journey.

I know most of the books and the philosophies related to Law of Attraction state that you need not worry about the path when you have manifested the goal properly. Over a period of time, and being one of the avid users of manifestations, I believe you need to write down every little thing that can help you build a path to reach your destination quickly and with fewer efforts. I am not encouraging you to waste your precious time in manifesting the journey; that’s not my intention at all. All I’m trying to say is to divide your big goal into a few different goals. Remember how you connect dots? Connect different goals and start manifesting them with the help of daily positive affirmations.

How I Used Daily Positive Affirmations?

daily positive affirmations

I remember the time I had not come up with my first novel. Right from the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to be an authoress. Of course, as a little girl I had known less about the intensity of my pen in writing erotica, but I always wanted to write. One day, I had an epiphany. I realized I was simply manifesting my paperbacks on the shelves, without even manifesting about having a complete manuscript on my laptop!

Then, I decided to manifest little dreams in order to achieve the biggest one. I manifested a complete manuscript on my laptop. After completing the book, the next thing I manifested was an edited copy.

I am yet to have my paperbacks on the shelves of popular bookstores, but I am a popular e-author with two rom-eroticas (Mind Cuffed and The Abyssal Secrets). I have been interviewed by wonderful platforms like YourStory and Viral Indian Diary. Currently, I am working on two more novels and have started manifesting new goals.

I Believe…

Daily positive affirmations play a very important role in changing your life. Of course with every goal that you have, your daily positive affirmations should change. However, there are a few things that you need to tell yourself every day in order to achieve all the things that you want to.

Before I tell you about the ten most important daily positive affirmations that can bring fruitful results to your life, it is necessary for you to know that you don’t have to just write or say these, but believe in each and every word that you write or speak. You can either speak or write, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you feel and imagine every single statement while writing or saying it. Unless you believe in the power of daily positive affirmations and manifesting your goals, it is impossible for you to achieve your dream.

Having said all that, I can feel your excitement to know about the top 10 daily positive affirmations that every person should write or say. Read below to know about them:

It is a beautiful day and I have already started making the best of it.

This affirmation will help you start your day with a belief that it is going to be wonderful and fruitful.

I am in the vortex of happiness and my highest vibration.

It is very important to work on your vortex, along with your daily positive affirmations. When you feel every word that you say, you create a wonderful and bright vortex all around you.

Today, I am one step closer to my goal.

This is one of the most important daily positive affirmations; it helps you be more confident about achieving your goal.

I am a very humble person and my life’s bucket is always full of wonderful blessings that I keep collecting from different beings.

This affirmation allows you to be more polite to others in life. Also, it ensures that you collect more and more blessings on a daily basis.

My health, finance and family are supporting me in achieving all the goals that I have in my life.

I know it is difficult for you to believe that you are being supported for the things you do to achieve your goal, but you have to change your belief. Feel positive by saying and believing that people are supporting you. Such daily positive affirmations make sure you are healthy, financially developed and are encouraged by your family members to chase your dream.

I am thankful to the Universe for the wonderful energy and spirit it has blessed me with.

If you want to attract more positive energy, invite it by thanking it. The more you thank the Universe, the easier it is for you to get what you want.

My heart is a magnet to positive energies.

Place your hand on your Heart Chakra and repeat this affirmation at least five times.

Along with imagining success, I am also working for it, doubling the speed of achieving what I want.

Believe and act to achieve what you want to. Without efforts, it is impossible for you to achieve anything at all.

I am painting a bright future for myself from this very moment.

Remember – you have the power in your hands, words, thoughts and imagination. Write daily positive affirmations, believe in your words, thinking and daydream about achieving your goals and keep imagining.

I love and support myself for every little thing I do because I know that I deserve what I want.

This is the most important part of your daily positive affirmations list. Ensure to say this statement to let yourself know that you are always going to succeed in life.

Feel free to take a printout of the image that has the 10 daily positive affirmations: 

daily positive affirmations

I hope these work for you as much as they work for me.

Love and light!

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